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Thread: Mini Gorgon

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    Mini Gorgon

    Heres the rules for the mini gorgon made by cortex find the miking guide here

    Mini Gorgon Guide

    Mini Gorgon Assult Vehicle

    Mini Gorgon

    Pts 120
    Front Armor 14
    Side Armor 12
    Rear Armor 10
    BS 3

    Type: Tank, Open-topped Crew: Imperial Guard

    Weapons: The Mini Gorgon is armed with a pair of forward facing heavy bolters
    as well as a pintle mounted Heavy Stubber. It may also upgrade both heavy bolters
    to Heavy Flamers for +10 pts and/or the Heavy stubber to an autocannon for +10pts

    Transport: A Mini Gorgon can Transport up to 12 models. Remember Ogryns take up two
    spaces each. A Mini Gorgon is always selected as a transport upgrade for another unit and
    may only transport the unit it was brought for. If the unit the Mini Gorgon was bought for is
    killed then the Mini Gorgon may pick another unit to transport but may not change unless
    that unit is also killed. Independent characters that join a unit with a Mini gorgon may also
    travel in it.

    Access Points: Passengers enter and exit via the access ramp at the back of the hull.

    Fire Points: The Mini Gorgon is fitted with six hull mounted lasguns that can be used by the
    passengers. Additionally one model may fire a weapon from the top hatch but can be targeted
    by snipers.

    Track Guards: Mini Gorgons treat all 'Imoblised' results as 'crew stunned'. This aplies even if
    the Mini Gorgon has extra armor.

    Amphibious: Mini Gorgons treat all water features as clear terrain when they move.

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    Hey very nice think i mite just use these rules tomorow for a game.
    Great work

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