I play mech Vostroyans, and after a lot of playtesting have altered a few of the current doctrines to make things a little more fair, especially in smaller games, which my group prefers. Given I play as fluffy as possible with all the appropriate doctrines, some of which are completely ineffective as far as actually winning anything goes, I play with the following modifications to the existing rules.

Instead of carapace costing X points per unit, I run it as 2 points per model. This doesn't really alter the cost of basic infantry squads, but makes command sections so much fairer, and makes selecting special/heavy weapons squads actually viable. After extensive playtesting, this works well and really can't be abused.

Secondly is the current mech doctrine, which forces you to take a minimum of five chimeras. In games below a thousand points, this is completely unfeasable. Therefore, I run it as it is, with the addition that the 0-1 Armoured Fists per infantry platoon restriction is removed. This lessens the amount of chimeras to 3 at the least, but to avoid abuse an addition of one per 500 points or part thereof needs to be added as well.

Has anyone else tried anything along these lines? Did you have results?