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    40k building rules

    here are some rules for buildings. they can be attacked. they have armor value of 10. Heavy, barrage ect weps targeted on people in the building damage the structure also.

    ap roll
    equal to or over 10 counts as a hit ( not penetrating or glancing.)

    roll 1 d6

    1-2 = building will fall next time its armor value is met regardless of whether its 1-2, 3-4, 5-6
    3-4 = same as above but all units in-under building take strength 4 hit on roll of 3+ from debris
    5-6 =build instantly collapses is scatter dice diretction.
    *All units in-under the building take 1 wound on the collapse

    collapse; all models in the direction of collapse and within distance equal to hiegt of building take strength 8 hit
    vehicles take hieght of building " + 2 strength hit on their armor

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    I would say it should be AV 12 otherwise bolters are gonna destory all the terrain on the board. Also you need 2 charts for the effects really.

    non ordnance chart =
    1-3 = nothing happens
    4-5 = +1 to the next result die rolled on the building
    6 = building collaspes in 1d3 player turns. (at the beginning of that turn)

    ordnance chart =
    1-3 = + 1 to the next result die rolled on the building
    4-5 = building collaspes in 1d3 player turns. (at the beginning of that turn)
    6 = building instantly collapses.

    * when the building collaspes all models inside it will suffer a wound on a d6 roll of 4+ ( if the building has more then 1 floor, meaning it would be like 6" in height or so you may reroll failed to wound rolls ), and must take a pinning test at -2 leadership.

    I think this would be best for building as due to the size and number of supports they have most building would not be effected by most weapons, and even the ones that do still have to do a lot of damage or get really lucky.
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