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    40KScenario: Hunt the Hamster

    Scenario: Hunt the Hamster

    Background: Even in the 41st Millennium the energy crisis is ongoing, and most of the races left are constantly researching new forms of energy. One such form has been discovered by two armies at once in the form of space gerbils. These space gerbils have limitless energy, and therefore could be utilised in wheels to create kinetic energy 24 hours a day. In this scenario two armies have simultaneously come across a space hamster breeding ground.

    Objectives: The army with the most captured space hamsters at the end of the battle wins.

    Special Rules: Dusk and Dawn, Deep Strike, Reserves, Infiltrate, Space Hamsters

    Space Hamsters:
    The area is infested with valuable space hamsters which both sides are searching for. If a any unit apart from vehicles voluntarily moves in a piece of difficult terrain, whether it is moving into, out of or through the terrain, it may roll to see whether it finds a space hamster, on a 1-4 the unit finds nothing this turn, but on a 5-6 the unit finds and captures a space hamster. Note that a unit and/or a piece of terrain can hold limitless numbers of space hamsters, and as long as a unit moves every turn, it can keep rolling for finding space hamsters in the same piece of terrain every turn.

    Escaping Space Hamsters: At the beginning of a players turn, they must roll a D6 for every space hamster captured by one of their units. So for instance, a unit having captured 3 space hamsters would have to roll 3D6. For every 1 the unit rolls a space hamster has escaped. Then roll again for every space hamster, on a 2-6 the unit must spend their turn recapturing the space hamster and may not move, shoot, assault or take any other action. On another roll of 1 the hamster breaks free in a random direction indicated by the scatter dice 2D6”. Note that these rules still apply exactly as written above for a unit in a transport vehicle. Free hamsters will subsequently move 2D6” in a random direction indicated by the scatter dice every turn, before the player whose turn it is has rolled for escaping hamsters. If a free hamster moves into a unit it is automatically captured immediately, and if it moves into impassable terrain it is immediately removed as a casualty. A free hamster moving off the table is assumed to have escaped.

    Hurting hamsters: Units may elect to shoot at free hamsters, if they do so they will only hit on a roll of 6, but any hits will automatically kill the hamster.
    If a unit carrying hamsters comes under fire, any 6’s to hit will hit hamsters instead of members of the units, and on a 4+ these hits will remove a hamster. Note that these rules do not apply to units not carrying any hamsters.

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    If I can just see the keyboard through tears of laughter.......

    This has had me in stitches. It is so off the wall I think I am going to have to try it out.

    Brilliant stuff, and thanks for giving someone suffering from clinical depression a really good laugh. I needed that.

    Repped for sheer something-or-other!

    "Tau Commandment #226: Participants who use Velocity Trackers in the Tau Clay Pigeon Tournament will be disqualified"

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