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    New Serpent Horde Info

    After speaking with some people at GDUK I can confirm several new releases will be coming out over the next year for the LOTR game.

    Serpent Hordes

    As everybody now knows the Corsairs of Umbar are getting models. The majority of the models will be plastic with Dalamyr (Admiral of Umbar's navy), the corsiar captain and corsair bosun being metal.

    I can also confirm that Far Harad are getting models and rules.
    By hook and crook I was able to gain a look at some of the models coming out for the Mahud with plastic Muhud tribesmen, Mahud desert riders who will be riding camels and Half trolls who will act as some seriously heavy infantry.
    Mumakils will be getting some new upgrades to boot making them even nastier than before.

    With regards to the Haradrim themselves the Watchers of Karna will be getting some new models which aparently will look absolutely amazing.


    The Mordor list will see the release of some new plastic orc warrior models as well as some of the other unreleased stuff for Mordor. I did enquire about Black Numenorean warriors and it was hinted that this could be a posibility depending on several factors such as what the sculptors have to do and wether it can be released in time for the Mordor book.

    Anyway that is as much as I could glean. :happy:

    Basically life sucks, there is only war and you're probably gonna get eaten by Tyranids, have fun.

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    This is excellent news, especially regarding the Black Numenorreans; good to see that they're still on the radar as they interest me most out of all the LotR units. How will they be implemented, I wonder...? I'm excited about the Corsairs as well.

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