While browsing around Warseer I noticed a discussion on Cypher. The initial rumour is

I have noticed with a few friends cypher was left out of the last chaos codex. I started to ask around and from some of the more vet. hobbiest and GW staff they've hinted at his possible move to the "other" army he could once be included in. ***edit add He could be added to an Imperial Guard force*** I find this odd and very outrageous/ crazy but its a rumor that seems oddly viable and I've heard it more than once sooo.... go at er tear it apart or not I just haven't seen it on the site.
by tcraigen
Cypher to be included in a future release? - WarSeer

The talk goes off the topic though to Cypher in general. This rumor definitely seems "oddly viable" as said. Anyone here heard anything on this topic?