Hi chaps,

having had the quickest of quick scans through the book some interesting things jumped out at me straight away and thought this would be the place for us to share our 'wowness' or 'booness' of the new 'extras'.
Not talking about rules as such, but bits about missions, campaigns, etc

I particularly like the 'Evacuation' mission on p270, the special rules especially - allowing infantry to jump, every single attack made by anything whatever the source counts as Rending and multi wound units lose D3 wounds instead of one due to decompression.
Good stuff, adds a bit of variet to a game as well as a bit of reality of fighting in an airless zone.

Also, the new veteran abilities from the campaign bit - choosing whether you want them to specialise in melee or fieldcraft etc.

Looks good, looking forward to playing a few games now, get the feel for it.