OK, so I've heard you guys say how the Deciever drove the Outsider mad. Now, I believe you guys, but the Cron codex said, or also said, that the Laughing God drove him mad and insane.

Then the section about the worship of wierd entities, it was no doubtedly referring to Deciever, but in the end it said something like "she though she heard the god laugh at her. . . ."

And also this: Deciever wanted those Talismans of Vaul thingys of the Eldar, and took them. No we know that Harlequins guard it in Black Library or whatever (not too familiar with fluff). So, what better way for Deciever to gain access to that stuff than mastery over part of the race that has it!!!!

OK, your opinions in this. Also, although the Necrons got it in EoT, it doesn't matter if it simply transferred from the Deciever's right hand to his left, does it????

All he is doint is sowing confusion amongst the races, and no one suspects him.