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    New Skaven Rumours

    Courtesy of GrimgorIronhide on Warseer.

    Just found a chunk of new rumours from the underempire. Enjoy.

    "NR still LD 6, that makes them 9 with 3 ranks, yes -yes

    still movement 6 and will be able to charge after leaving a tunnel. there is still some possibility of distaster, but dont know exactly how its gona work.

    magic items: not that much info but storm banner is still on plus some new banners (no details yet).
    stormvermin will be able to get baners for 50 pts, but dont know about fear banner if its still there or not.

    there are going to be some scriolls, but some of them will be restricted to certain clans

    skalm 30 pts

    RO do not suffer from stupidity anymore.
    40 pts per model plus 8 per packmaster , they have frenzy and champion( plus 15 pts) has WS4 and 4 attacks. master moulder coutns as champion in the unit, not a s a hero choice. RO are frenzied troops now.

    WLC will be as RARE choice and 90pts.

    SV they have WS4, Str 3 and halberd included, only shields are optional, but they can have magic banner and their leader an have cheap skaven equipment as an option as well (up to 15 points worth i think) 7pts base.

    Magic- untill i find out more, i can tell you tha there is gona be 13 spells- divided into two groups (6 for warlocks/grey seers and 6 for plague priests etc) plus mighty 13th spell (proper kick ass!). Magic users are warlocks, grey seers and plague priests.

    as for lords:
    ikit claw, lord scrolk, thanquol and boneripper, throt the unclean plus new ( i think) powerful warlord( good against dwarfs etc)-Queek.

    heroes: snikch, some other commando type of character (leads skaven raiders in bacground stories)

    nightrunners without skirmish defo, but can make one normal movement before the battle starts plus can have tunneling weapon team added (so can be a tuneling team)

    Gutterrunners have +6 ward save

    Strength in numbers stay, still plus 1 when fleeing, characters can refuse a challenge but the unti they are in can still use their LD, life is cheap rule applies only to slaves as far as i know,

    Clanrat basic cost 4 points

    Plague monks are special choice, unless you got lord scrolk, then they can be core units.
    nightrunners will not have a skirmish option either, unless they will change something in the last moment. so far it looks like they will cost 7 points, with two weapons and throwing stars included.

    Warplighting cannon will shoot balls of warp energy like cannon, including bouncing etc. you place small template and everything that it passes and where it ends is hit. strenght still random, no armour saves and D6 wound from each unsaved hit.

    As for magic warp lightning does only D6 hits now and if you roll 1, then caster suffers a hit instead. there is definitely couple of new spells as well including one that stops fliers from flying and gives minus 1 BS to all enemy shooting units.

    Jezzails will be S6, sorry for earlier confusion."

    From Wardancer.

    This was also posted by Khabuldashudeth. Not sure about the veracity of this but Harry has mentioned this as well which lends it some credence.

    Craventail eh?

    Well, I was meant to keep this to myself (sorry SORRY, I hope you don't get fired) but....

    Rumour has it that Mr Craventail was a Skaven warlord, whose party was ambused whilst returning through the Drakwald. He was captured by Beastmen, and kept as a slave, while the rest of his army was eaten, one by one. He survived off scraps, gnawed bones, troll meat and warpstone, until eventually the Beastmen decided to eat him too. They held a great feast around the herdstone, where the cooked Skaven warlord was discovered to have the tastiest meat the Beasts had ever known! As they fought over who got the last scraps, a miraculous happening occurred; the Skaven began to regenerate, the Troll flesh and Warpstone bringing his body back to life. By the time the Beastmen noticed, the fully-recovered Skaven was fleeing into the forest. Since that day, Beastmen pursue him constantly, crazed by the desire for just one more morsel of his succulent flesh.

    You could say that Craventail tastes so good, the cows want him back.


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    Basically life sucks, there is only war and you're probably gonna get eaten by Tyranids, have fun.

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