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    Ok i am a necron collector and i have checked every offical fluff i can find on the ctan gods and this is what i have understood from the dragon

    Firstly he was on mars just messing around literally floating and flying generally enjoying his freedom now he woke up. When the primarch of the Iron Hands chapter ( cant remember name) comes and needs a challenge cos hes always looking for one, the locals worship a dragon that lives in the north of mars, he goes to kick its butt. but no matter how hard he tried he cant beat it, cos its made of metal (living metal) so he punches it and ends up with sore fists. untill one day he fights it and plunges its head into a volcano on mars but to do this he has to dunk him under with his hand his hand melts off, but when it comes back up his hand is made of metal ( the ctan metal)
    this plunges the dragons life force into the center of mars.
    All the technology (eg Bolt Guns) was already their but because of the dark age of technology the people on mars dont know how to make stuff, so the dragon helps them gain the knowledge needed. becoming the machine god.
    Their is a C'tan being released in the very near future 100% most people are sure its the dragon not the outsider.
    its the 2006 campaign apparently because its gonna tear the tech adepts apart making imperium close to anarcy.
    Anyone wanna argue their point i would love to hear the incorrect version

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    Yeah, we havent seen this before. Read the forum rules, search for topics before you post.
    "It fits like clothes made out of wasps!"

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