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Thread: Tomb Kings

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    Tomb Kings

    I'm sure this has been repeated elsewhere, but just in case. This is the latest rumours I have seen of them:

    Pulled from Warseer, some interesting rumours on Tomb kings, enjoy.

    Tomb King Rumours
    by sensuret

    No spiel about “i have a secret source” or “I know a guy”. Read, enjoy with a grain of salt


    New rules:

    Skeleton Units (Archers, Warriors, Chariots, Light Cavalry, Sand Stalkers, Tomb Guard) can march within 12” of general, 6” of Tomb Prince

    Constructs, divinely blessed (Ushbati, Tomb Scorpion, Maidens of the Gods, Bone Giants) can march within 12” of the hierophant and 6” of a liche priest

    Tomb Prince cannot use movement spell anymore, only strike more one

    Premise seems to be basically means tomb king armies movement won’t be so restricted by magic. So if you don’t want to go magic heavy, or first anti-magic armies you can still actually move. This means more spells going off to strategically place units, heal wounded models. The actual mechanisms of TK magic doesn’t seem to be changing much

    Apparently the “curse” will hit lighter with tomb princes

    Apparently the “roc” is a giant vulture, which can be chosen as a mount for someone in list

    Rumours of some sort of warrior priest, like the empire ones – can cast cheap bound spells from a different list. Meant to enhance units + decent profile. Apparently enhances the maidens unit


    Skeleton Warriors

    Skeletons becoming 6 points WITH light armour, shield, hand weapon

    Can be armed with a Khepesh or spear

    Khepesh increases the bonus from wielding a hand weapon and shield to +2 Armour save. Basically skeletons using hand weapons and shield can get 3+ armour save in combat

    Full Command now only +15 points

    Seems like games-workshop wants 1. Some tasty new things to model – although not sure why this weapon gives better armour 2. Actually promote using large blocks of skeletons. Skeletons are great since they never flee, but die so easily and suck at combat. 3+ armour save in combat is a great start for using these guys more, at much cheaper points.

    Skeletons Archers

    Skeleton Archers are now 0-20 units, cost 7 points, and can be giving poisoned arrows for a large points increase

    Skeleton Archers have war memories ability (don’t think it is actually called this, but I’m going to call it that)

    Skeleton Archers may select the “stand and shoot” reaction, even though undead can generally only select the hold reaction

    Toning down use of these guys are large blocks on infantry and more at flankers, skirmish hunters. Bout time they can stand and shoot

    Light Cavalry

    Light Cavalry only 12 points now and have war memories ability

    Light cavalry may select the “flee reaction” even though undead can generally only select the “hold reaction”. They automatically rally after making a flee reaction next turn.

    This seems a bit, dunno if it makes sense, maybe it actually means something else

    Haven’t heard anything definite about whats happens to heavy cavalry


    No change it seems generally – still light flanking units

    Tomb Guard

    Can take either great weapons OR hand weapon, shield and Khepesh
    Same rules otherwise – apparently mebbe an extra bonus when the tomb king is in the unit

    Maidens of the Gods

    Unit of Khalida’s. 2 Attacks, poison, regenerate, 5+ ward save, 2 hand weapons
    Only strength 3, toughness 4 though.

    Basically mass attacking special unit vs hard hitting tomb guard unit it seems. Good against lightly armoured armies?


    4+ Armour save, 5+ ward save, otherwise same. Would’ve liked toughness 5, seems GW wants to emphasise low toughness, light armour in the army still

    Tomb Scorpion

    NOT getting 5 wounds, slight points increase, seems liche priest in the scorpions body means it can always march – which is good since there doesn’t seem any rule change for the “from below”


    Same it seems – doesn’t look like the roc (giant vulture) can be added, its in the mount section it seems

    Sand Stalkers

    Scouting Skeletons, poisoned weapons and bows, 4+ save against shooting (mirage or something – desert sands or something I dunno), war memories (stand and shoot)

    Thought carrion and scorpions did a pretty good job, I still like the concept


    Bone Giant

    Cheaper, 2+ armour save (can take shield for 1+), two hand weapons or a bow

    More like 200 points now – 1+ doesn’t seem like “lightly armoured” but oh well

    Screaming Skull Catapults


    Casket of Souls

    3 Abilities:

    1. Old shooting attack at one unit
    2. Soul Well: Elect a point in line of sight – that point causes terror till the beginning of next tomb king players go
    3. Malediction of the Eternal: Unit Cannot shoot, if it fails ld test cannot move either
    Still causes terror, -1 to wizards on battlefield

    Obelisk of Light

    3 Abilities

    1. Ward of the Gods: gives 5+ ward save to a unit
    2. Radiance of the Heavens: gives a unit +1 attack with magical, flaming attacks
    3. Light of the Sky: Units must pass leadership test to direct magical missiles, shooting at unit

    +1 to incantation rolls of the priest directing obelisk


    May fly, magical breath attack, 4 wounds, only strength 5, 5+ ward save, magical resistance (2), units need to pass leadership test or be unable to attack it – transfixing or something

    This all clearly needs to be taken with a grain of salt, but apparently this is the general gist of how the list is going. Still haven’t heard heaps about some crucial things

    1. Will heavy chariots appear
    2. Magic items
    3. Is the magic phase definitely going to be the same system
    4. If auto-break is been changed in 8th edition, how much will it impact on an army that often relied on this to be effective.

    I’m not going into what I heard about special characters but the general themes seemed to be:

    1. Dude on a flying chariot
    2. Assassin hunting down those who wronged the TK – swore to the gods to hunt them down – something about nagash
    3. Stretta and Khalida are back
    4. High Liche Priest riding giant flaming vulture from the underworld

    This stuff was so vague that its probably just nonsense – who knows

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    Really nice!

    2. Assassin hunting down those who wronged the TK – swore to the gods to hunt them down – something about nagash
    Hope not

    There are many rumours about TK, but these seem good... Or at least good compared to some other rumours.


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    I gotta say, the (rumoured) increased reliance on infantry in 8th ed is making me like the Tomb Kings chances more and more. 'Specially with the kind of magic nerfing, most of it won't affect us as it is, meaning we can magic ourselves around the battlefield getting objectives etc. Good stuff.
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