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    Tamurkhan, Whats the Fluff?

    Hi all,

    If your a fantas player you like I are probably waiting for the Forgewordl release of the Fantasy book Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos. But I was woundering if anyone had a deffinative summary of what its all about. Ive seen alot of great new models and heared a few rumours as to what its leading to but im not too sure on whats rumour and whats fact.

    Spoiler Alert for those who do not wish to find out possible flulf i sugest stop reading now. It is simply rumour i have read and heard.

    One rumour i heared was that Tamurkhan was one of four brothers, (origionaly told they where ogre brothers which i now believe is false as the FW Blurb on Tamurkhan explains he simply took over the body of an ogre), which each worship a different Chaos God and eventualy will bring about the end of the Warhmmer word. Tamurkhan obviously nurgel and looks like he will be fighting Empire, (have heared that he conquors the Choas Dwarfs and halves the Empire in two, forming an empire for himself). Another that worships Tzeentch and (apparently) will go off to fight the Lizardmen and Orcs? (so im guessing southlands and not lustria). The next worships Khorne, goes and fights all the champions in the frozen wastes and in the realm of chaos, becomes a greater daemon, and in the end Khorne kills him becuase "he is making Khorne look bad". And lastly of course a brother who worships Slaanesh, and oddly for warhammer goes east to Cathay where he is captured, somehow escapes (thats all about i remember reading for him, but being slaanesh i would fully imagen an unimagenative fight vs elves).

    Anyway, this is most likely some fan boy wet dream of a rumour for the most part and probably goes much much further than the first book Temurkhan: The Throne of Chaos, so i was just woundering if there was any more solid background loating about out there.

    One thing i am not liking is the mention of "the end of the warhammer world". Fans didnt think much to it when a rumour went around in the Stomr of Choas campaign if Chaos won then the Warhammer world would be rewriten with Chaos in more control. In fact it ended up with Orcs and Goblins saving the day by pooring all thier results against Chaos, resulting in them holding the campaign at Brass Keep, and on a number of occasions clearing areas around Midenhiem when it looked like choas might break through. Hopefully just because FW are branching out in these expansions doesnt mean some fan boy sat in GW HQ will decide its a good idea to change the warhammer world as far as GW is concerned. Its already gotten considerably darker in the 15 years i have been playing, i dont think it needs to go any further.

    Thanks again for any links or solid info on the book.

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    Please do not use the rumours forum to ask questions. It is generally frowned on and if you read the sticky at the top of the forum it would say as much.

    Thread Locked.

    Basically life sucks, there is only war and you're probably gonna get eaten by Tyranids, have fun.


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