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    Contingents for Fantasy Battle............interesting.

    Harry just recently posted this on Warseer. I'd heard smatterings but I thought nothing of it. It appears these smatterings might hold some credence in hindsight. The rumours themseves came from ghost21 but Harry has added his opinions.

    Quote Originally Posted by Harry View Post
    OK I think this needs a thread all of its own.

    ghost21 has been dropping a few rumours into the Empire thread.
    Just to make life a bit easier and so we can focus on this exciting development .... here we go:

    Ghost has posted the following:

    Expect mini forces from various places,

    I realy shouldnt but theres going to be mini armies like allies or sth (not sure on exact wording)

    There will be things like a araby one and kislev, also I heard estalia, and oddly some insect kingdom

    Dont post rules but lets say a pike is quite hard to use , but you get 3 ranks... spears you get 2 and no "reductions"... fishmen huh ;-).... possible possible

    Rodmillard Posted:

    Maybe I misread it, but I thought Ghost was talking about a separate allies book with rules for Araby, Kislev, Tilea and the "Insectoids" (sounds alot like what some fans have been suggesting for a DoW replacement). AFAIK it had nothing to do with the forthcoming Empire release except to say that Kislev won't be in there.

    In reply Ghost posted

    Thats exactly what I meant

    Ghost has also posted:

    Its an expansion book, im told it wont effect the releases of other armies

    Honestly you will see them in wd before book form

    I think Chaos dwarves are a Forge world thing for now.

    Theres 5 "states" in the book / supplement

    Apparently 2 "good" 1 nutural, and 2 "evil ish"

    and when you think of fishmen?... there are far more disturbing creatures in the sea than just fish... *cough ithilids cough *

    How'd you like them apples?

    I tell you what ... I like them just fine.


    Thanks to Ghost for all of the above.
    Hope you don't mind I pulled all your posts together in this way.
    Next part.

    Quote Originally Posted by Harry View Post
    I will leave the first post to Ghost as he has been in the chair on this one but here is my take on this:

    This has got Vetock written all over it.

    Mt Vetock also made a random comment to me about Kislev that I posted in the Empire thread that whilst it didn't make much sense to me at the time makes perfect sense in this context.

    Loved the little Kislev contingent army book.

    This takes me right back to the 2nd edition contingent rules.

    I saw some fantastic concept art from the Blanchitsu of some fantasy pirates so I wouldn't bet against pirates being a contingent.

    I have also seen a concept sketch for an 'Ichthyus sapien' from Mr Blanche ... He showed it to me over a year ago ... I thought he had shown it to me just to yank my chain ... but now I'm not so sure.

    I have to say I do hope it is so ... cos it was £!*%$!^& cool.

    Picking up on What Ghost said. Something else makes sense now...I can see them releasing each of these contingents one at a time as White Dwarf articles. Spread over several months and then pulling them together into a book at the end. (OR even little mini contingent books free with WD like the Kislev book).

    For me .... a supplement like this would be a dream come true. This is right up my street.
    I also already have small contingents of Estallians, Araby and Kislev just waiting in the wings. Waiting to be expanded.

    So by all means ....

    Sounds rather interesting.


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    Basically life sucks, there is only war and you're probably gonna get eaten by Tyranids, have fun.

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