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    New gunship? (SM)

    Hey guys, so I checked the GW site, and apparently there are gonna be some new flyers for orks, necrons and SM. Now, I want to talk about the Stormtalon. (SM) Anyone think it's worth the points? To me it seems a pretty solid FA choice, but I wanted some opinions before I buy 1.


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    just to point out there are a couple of threads about this already so you may want to check them out for a better idea, (New fliers on the way!)
    I think they could be worht while it depends on how you want to use them,
    Take their escort vechicle for example, because it cannot be used with deep striking units that rules our using them in a drop pod army (as in the space marine codex on the drop pod entry it states that they enter using the deep strike rule)
    But if you have land speeders/Khan which can out flank it could be very nasty
    eg kahn list, you have a landraider full of assualt termies that outflanks with a stormtalon in escort, it can be very nasty.
    It could also be very worth while against infantry as it is AV11 you need a minimum of strength 5 weapon to damage it, so against infantry with low strength weapons its more or less untouchable just watch out for units with heavy weapons in them
    But basically IMO for 130pts yes I think is is worth the points but it has to be used right otherwise you are just giving your enemy an easy kill.
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