We have made a new set with quite a few interesting items. Including the first ever Ladder Stand compatible with most stairs out there and color coded tokens that look the part on a grim dark terrain. Pics and press release below, happy gaming guys.

"Our newest release Is a complete set of counters and specialist tools to help you thrive in the World of Armageddon.
All the items were designed and playtested in detail for the best possible user experience.
They are perfectly scaled for tight terrain situations, color coded and engineered for the best in game performance.

In this set you can find Run, Hidden and Broken Status Counters, as well as the also useful Wound, Ammo and Clip Harness Counters, we also added as specialized tools the 25mm, 32mm and 40mm 90° Overwatch Markers to clearly define the firing lanes and also our Ladder Stands designed for compatibility with a wide range of 28mm ladders.

For more information visit us at www.pyrkol.com "