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    I know theres like 4 billion tyranid posts but seriously theyre all not very informative, i heard this or i heard that, or what if they did this.

    So i bring you this.
    and please, dont punch me in the face for adding yet another tyranid post in here, cuz punching in the face hurts, especially if your a big guy with momentum on your side. please.

    I have recently had the chance to see some quite nice stuff for the next 6 months releases and just thought I would share some snippets....


    Redone hive tyrant (huge)
    carnifex (4-6 differnt heads and weapons)
    redone guard (look like massive biovores but very heavily set)
    Zoanthropes (MASSIVE and have big exposed brains
    ravener- much better poses and look to build easier
    Lictors- 2/3 poses back to the old skool (aiieh) with mantis looks and finer detailed sculpt
    Genestealers sprues- 4 different heads and poses including the old style ymargl tentacle head!!!!
    even the ripper swarms have a pincer mouthed version new model-
    undecided to include the spore chimmneys from macragge set on the sprues

    Black templars codex will be after the tyranids and will be a full dex with 64 pages.

    How to paint marines book with 110 complete full colour chapters.

    Eldar will be after templars with new Wraith lords and war walkers (thank the emperor)

    Originally posted on Dakka by Warhound and brought to Portent by Philbrad then to 40konline then to librarium-online by me

    Tyranids - Because Space Marines are better Bitten in Half

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    I know You're trying to help, so I'm sorry... However, most of that stuff has been rumoured way before. That wouldn't be a problem if You could provide a reference, pictures, or something new and solid, but the way You present it makes it just another of those unhelpful "I've heard" posts You dislike Yourself. =/
    "The meat things seek to destroy ourselves. They hunt us as we hunt them but they are weak and uncertain. The inferior flesh will be entirely destroyed, all biomatter consumed. Ourselves will fight to the last, all weak flesh must be devoured."

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    whatever Uzi says, is usually true

    Seriously though, I'm also getting fed up with the zillion nid rumour threads...
    If you have anything new, add it to the other thread(s)


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