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Thread: Deathwatch

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    So, I figure that everybody is pretty excited about this new army, so I've decided to pretty much compile as much info about the army as possible. Please add any additional info you might have.

    Basic History:
    Deathwatch are the chambers militant, or fighting arm, of the ordo zenos a.k.a. the alien hunters, the third major army of the Inquisition. They are drawn from the best of the Space Marines repaint their armor black, 1 shoulder pad has the deathwatch symbol, the other has that marine's original chapter. (dark angels, crimson fists, etc.) It is their job to drive out any minor alien incursions, alien influences and alien tech. that has somehow entered the imperium.

    Probable equipment:
    pretty much the standard marines with special bolter rounds, probably true grit, and preferred enemy against one or all of the alien races. Their armoury will include some specialized anti-alien wargear as well as all the standard Inquisition stuff like force weapons. The inquisitors will be either puritan or radical, with puritan being able to take deathwatch and radical taking probably someform of mind-altered aliens and using zeno tech. themselves. And, because they are an Inquisition army, you can be sure that they will have stormtroopers and the usual mishmash of Imperial vehicles. As with other inquisition armies, you can either take them as allies or take allies with them, this would probably work with any imperial army, but not more than 1. heavy bolters will probably get upgraded with some kind of anti-zenos special rounds, like the hellfire round on the Ultramarine's tyrannic war vets. It is also possible that they may be able to actually use their grenades in cc, again like the tyrannic war vets. They will probably be able to use drop pods and they can be upgraded with vet. skills like infiltrate if they don't already. (I'm not sure what it says within the ruls already existing)

    Probable stats:

    * this might change whether or not they are facing xenos, like preferred enemy.
    On an additional note, they might also be fearless, but I doubt it.

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    there are rules and fluff in a white dwarf.....

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    what jordo said.

    Now if you want to realistically make up rules. You would have to come up with something other than Deathwatch kill squad.

    More probably would be like, the Inquisitor for the Ordos Xenos.

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