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    Warhammer 7th Ed Changes

    This was handed out to staff and is doing the rounds at the moment.


    In general, all rules text has been simplified where it was felt that it was unclear or overwritten. Some diagrams have been modified for extra clarity and new ones have been added where necessary.
    Compatibility with existing army books was paramount throughout the entire process and has been 99% achieved!

    The main changes are:

    • Movement:

    1. Charging units must now move to bring as many models as possible into the ensuing fight (from both their side and the enemy’s). This prevents exploitation with “clipping? charges.
    2. Clarified how to move fleeing and pursuing units. Essentially: pivot the unit on the spot to face the direction it’s going to move towards, and then move it the distance rolled.
    3. Clarified charge re-direction. Units hit enemies other than the ones they charged only if the new target is in their way as they charge after the fleeing intended target.
    4. Re-worded the Change Formation manoeuvre so that it refers to the width of the unit’s frontage and not its ranks.
    5. Killed the Snaking formation, as it is an obsolete rule that has long lost its reason to exist due to the newer rules for skirmishers and fast cavalry.
    6. Clarified that units cannot voluntarily move off the battlefield unless specified in the scenario that is being played.

    • Shooting:

    7. A unit can now shoot only against one enemy unit and not multiple enemy units in any case, no exceptions.

    • Magic:

    8. Power dice generated by wizards can be used only by the wizards that generated them and not by other wizards in the army. The dice in the pool remain available to all wizards.
    9. The Miscast Table itself is a lot nastier and the wizards can actually die from a Miscast, with rather spectacular pyrotechnic effects.
    10. Spells in the Magic Lores have been reviewed in an attempt to make the least used Lores more appealing and tone down the ones that are a bit too good.
    11. The Enchanted Shield cannot be combined with magic armour.
    12. Reading a dispel scroll does not terminate the dispelling wizard’s Remains in play spells anymore.

    • Combat:

    13. Combat Phase sequence changed. The player whose turn it is picks combats in turn and each combat is completely resolved, including fleeing and pursuing, before passing onto the next. This clarifies the sequence in which fights, fleeing and pursuing happen. This change has several repercussions, such as allowing units to fight twice in a combat phase if they pursue into an existing combat that has not been solved yet during that phase (fight, win, pursue/overrun into another combat, fight again). Units, however, are limited to one pursue/overrun per turn only.
    14. Fleeing is now always done directly away from the cause first, and then towards the closest table edge in following turns. Fleeing troops can move through friends (causing Panic), but are destroyed if they have to flee through enemies (of Unit Strength 5+) or impassable terrain. This solves the complex issue of the movement’s direction of fleeing and pursuing units.
    15. The number of models needed to receive a Rank bonus in combat is now 5!
    16. Killed the “Lapping Round? manoeuvre, but allowed winning units to perform a turn or change formation manoeuvre in combat, in order to bring more models into the fray.
    17. Allowed the +1 combat res. bonus of the Battle Standard to stack on top of the +1 for units’ banners.
    18. Added the Insane Courage rule: rolling snake eyes on a break test means the test is automatically passed, regardless of modifiers. This can even override auto-break from Fear-causing enemies!
    19. Defended obstacles have been toned down. Units attacking over an obstacle simply lose the charging bonuses.
    20. Clarified the rules for units that re-enter the battle after pursuing enemies off the table.

    • Psychology:

    21. Troops engaged in close combat do not take Psychology tests!
    22. In order to cause Panic, friendly units fleeing/wiped out must have Unit strength 5+.
    23. Unified all Panic ranges to 6?.
    24. Removed the Panic test for fleeing friends within 4? at the beginning of the turn (it has effectively been replaced by the Panic test for friends fleeing through the unit).
    25. Immune to Psychology gives immunity only to Panic/Fear/Terror, allowing positive psychological effects to affect the unit.
    26. Unbreakable has now a Swarm box-out, which makes swarms suffer extra wounds when losing a fight, much in the same way as Undead.
    27. Use combined Unit Strength of all units defeated in a fight against the combined Unit Strength of all fear-causing units on the winning side to determine if they are outnumbered by fear-causing enemies.
    28. Stupidity does not affect units in close combat.

    • War machines:

    29. War machines without a crew are immediately destroyed by enemies in base contact with them.
    30. Cannon balls hit all models they go through when hitting skirmishers or war machines and their crew.
    31. Grapeshot uses the flame template, has variable Strength (Artillery dice) and causes D3 wounds.

    • Weapons:

    32. Great weapons confer only a +1 Strength bonus to mounted models.
    33. Pistols simply count as hand weapons in close combat. If a model carries two+ pistols, it has the 2xMultiple shots rule.
    34. Hand weapon+shield extra pip of armour applies only when fighting to the front and not to the flanks/rear.

    • Skirmishers:

    35. They cannot march if enemy is within 8? (this rule now applies across all units, no exceptions).
    36. They get a single change of direction during the charge.
    37. Added a section about skirmishing units of monsters and handlers.

    • Monsters/chariots:

    38. They get only one pivot during a charge.
    39. Chariots can choose to move through difficult terrain and obstacles (but still suffer damage).

    • Miscellaneous rules:

    40. Regeneration is now a simple save working exactly like a ward save, except that it can be taken after ward saves (!) and is cancelled by flaming attacks.
    41. “Always Strike First? has been standardised as a Special Rule.
    42. Deleted the rule protecting Characters within 5? of friendly units. If not inside a friendly unit, characters are a unit of their own and can therefore be targeted normally!
    43. Characters inside a friendly unit cannot be targeted by missile fire (and get ‘Look out sir’ if the unit is 5 or more models strong). This rule does not apply if they have Unit strength 5 or more. This allows characters mounted on multi-wound steeds (like Archaon, Tyrion etc.) to join friendly units without being picked out by enemy fire!
    44. Buildings. Complete new rules for moving and fighting in buildings, including a spread on Special features (funky fantasy terrain!).
    45. Clarified interaction of flying movement and terrain.
    46. Magic resistance is passed from a character to the unit it joins and vice-versa.
    47. Clarified rules for capturing Battle Standards.
    48. Half VPs are now scored for units reduced to half strength or less, and not below half strength. The same is true of characters (so wounded Heroes yield half their cost in VPs!).
    49. Units with Unit strength of less than 5 cannot capture table quarters, nor can they deny them.
    50. Champion banners musicians and characters all equally have to be in the first rank (players are free to decide who goes at the back if there’s no space).
    51. Clarified that fleeing generals and battle standards lose their abilities.
    52. Clarified character-unit psychology interaction.

    • Scenarios:

    53. All scenarios have been either deleted or moved to the Hobby section. The rules section has now a “Starting the game? sequence that effectively explains the Pitched Battle scenario.
    54. The rules for deploying terrain have been expanded, creating a terrain-set-up pre-game phase.
    55. The player winning the roll-off at the beginning of the game gets to choose the table side but also has to start deploying, balancing out the importance of the initial roll.

    Sounds fairly cut and dry to me.

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    Army Book reference

    I was wondering what will happen when a current army book (meaning all the army books written before 7th) states "refer to page 129 in the main Warhammer manual", how will that line up? Any comments? Thanks


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    I'd think it'd be likely that the referenced page number will no longer match up. Hopefully there'll be a decent enough index - or I spose a guy could make a reference addendum sheet that he just slides behind the back page of his codex. That'd work i bet.

    No worries.
    fRESH lives

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    Is there an Index?!
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    yes there is an index
    Quote Originally Posted by artificer
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    new psych rules are horrible. I am an undead and chaos player, khermi, vampires, and the demons of chaos ALL rely upon a healthy dose of fear... which is realistic, i may add. I doubt even if embroiled in combat a bunch of draftee spearmen are not going to think about breaking and running when faced by the might of shambling corpses or fiends of slaneesh... come on GW, that is total BS. Even in numbers, peasants would run... especially in a pitched combat that has a high potential of getting ugly.... unless the empire, brettonia, gobbos and skaven start using little commissars, This change is not cool and will be staying well out of my house rules.

    The new character rules regarding incoming fire are good I would say, I have always been rather bothered by the fact that joe character can get refuge when not in a unit... so i will say good work to that.

    I think that the new rules are sort of hit or miss... some are good changes that I for one have been waiting for a while... others are crappy, lets make the game more for an 8 year old with a mom with a platinum visa type rules
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