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The buildings in the Army book (and indeed in the ogre kingdoms book!) were (I believe) made by Dave Andrews as 'Flats'.
These are one off sculptures that are....flat!
He then sends these 'downstairs' to have moulds made of them.
Once he has these moulds he then casts what he needs ...himself..in resin. (so they have a limited life and are just for his use.) For any of you who have been to warhammer world this is how many of the buildings on the tables there have come into being.
This is why they have Dave Andrews style and level of detail and why some parts appear more than once in different buildings.
This is also why some of the buildings appear to be half moulds and half finished 'by hand'.

These buildings are, as a result one off sculpts....done for photos etc.
They will not be released as games workshop products. (As stated by Jedi and Hastings above.)
(Although presumably with the computer kit they have now they could scan them to produce moulds for plastic sprues. So who knows....but I suspect they will remain one off pieces)

Colin Grayson...has also been working on fantasy houses...to be produced in Plastic Kits.
These are the ones I described months ago. The two sided ones. (I won't describe them again here)
He produced a number of pieces....However...I'm not sure whether it was Colin or 'the powers that be' that were not happy with the finished results...(I think they looked a bit 'clean' or the tile idea did not work so well as it did for the 40k buildings maybe but they just didn't look right)...whatever the reason a stack of work got shelved and Colin started again. (Hence they disappeared off the radar.)

It is now my understanding that he has redone these buildings and 'nailed it' and he (and everyone else!) is VERY happy with the final results. So Given the standards these guys set themselves I am expecting these to be some serious 'eye candy' for the center of your gaming tables. (although I have no idea what buildings these will represent.)

It is also my understanding that we will see these sooner rather than later. (*I'm thinking 6-12 Months.)....and that they will be just part of a series of scenery releases for Warhammer fantasy battles (including Hills and Woods/trees as well as buildings)

It is my understanding that these buildings will not have the modular/interchangableness that the city of death buildings had but will be more individual, stand alone buildings...although the serious modeller will still be able to combine them to make unique buildings.

I think Hastings maybe quoting me when he says some of these buildings have been 'signed off'
What I was refering to is..... I don't think it has been ruled out that some of the best/most succesful of the earlier work (the building tiles previously described) might also be released...at some point...maybe!

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heres the story as I heard it...
The original buildings were indeed modular, made from universal tile pieces.They worked well and were versatile,however....

...the compromises to the designs to enable universal fittings for these tile pieces were so great that it seriously affected the actual design of the buildings themselves,it was felt that the end product was dull and didn't have any warhammer character.What would have been produced was deemed too 'boxy' and generic.
Whether the original designs will ever surface I dont know,perhaps, but for the initial release a bit more specific warhammer wackiness was requested.