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Miscellanious unreleased miniatures
Avian 27/08/2034 - 146 Warhammer Fantasy Rumours

Snorri Nosebiter (front left) and Gotrek Gurnisson (front right) as seen at Games Day Atlanta 06

UPDATE: Here are the details for the Gotrek, Felix, Snorri, Ulrika and Max set that GW are releasing. It is correct that they will be 48mm scale (sort of between WFB and Inquisitor). They are currently planned for release on 22/07/06 with a preorder date of 10/06/06, but this could be subject to change.

The price is as follows, each peice will be available individually, in a similar style packaging to the recent foil pack gamesday minis.

They will cost £10 each, apart from Gotrek and Felix who will be £12 each, the resin scenic base will cost £15. These prices may change though.

There is talk of a deal to buy the whole kit as a box set for £50.
(provided by 75hastings69)

Unreleased Wood Elf character models
Rumoured to originally be slated for release March 25 2006, it appears that all items will be released on 22/07/06 with a preorder date of 10/06/06 (provided by 75hastings69).
Wood Elf Lord on Great Eagle £15
Wood Elf Lord on Great Stag £12
Wood Elf Lord with 2 hand weapons £?
Wood Elf Lord with bow £?
Wood Elf Battle Standard Bearer £? (Direct Sales Only)
UPDATE: Painted pic from GD LA

New Great Eagle. Apparently too big for a blister, the model needed to have a rider sculpted and will be releases as a boxed set.
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Next army books
Avian 26/04/2006 - 20:34 Warhammer Fantasy Rumours

It is highly probable that the first releases for 7th edition will mirror those first released for 6th edition, mainly because those are most in need of an updated model line.

The predicted release schedule for the rewrite of army books is thus
- Dwarfs (already released, 3rd out in 6th edition)
- Orcs & Goblins (confirmed for autumn 2006, 2nd out in 6th edition)
- Empire (Q2 2007, 1st out in 6th edition)
- Vampire Counts (Q4 2007, 4th out in 6th edition)
- Dark Elves (2008 sometime, 5th out in 6th edition)
UPDATE: Prediction confirmed, though later releases may vary. The Dark Elves may or may not trade places with Skaven (rumour by 75hastings69)