from golden-throne
New Empire army book.
Apparently the new book will come the first quarter of 2007.

Complete redesign of lots of models. Very probable:
- Free companies (darker and cooler)
- Knights (with new sprues to make your own knights, lots of add ons, etc.). New horses.
- New Soldiers of the Empire (halberds, swordsmen and spearmen on the same box?).
- The new empire character plastic box (after orc and dwarf).
- Metal characters (There are always new metal characters when a book is released).
- Plastic steam tank
- Pistoliers (new horse very prob).
- Cannon and mortar.
Not probable:
- Greatswords (metal, cool and relatively new).
- Flagelants.
- Teutogen (newest... may or may not disappear)

The Empire will have a darker look, with more skulls, scrolls and purity seals even on state troops.

On rules:
- Rumoured better "tuning" rules for knights
- Rumoured simplier rules for steam tank.
- Detachments rule will stay probably.
- Pikes or some improvement for spears.
- Some improvement on halberdiers or cheaper cost.

VC when re-released will have plastic ghouls, plastic dire wolves and a new "ogre size" unit of Flesh Golems.