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    Furthur Empire Rumours

    This was posted by cookiescrumble on Warseer. I've added a few comment for the sake of clarity. JvK

    ... so i thought i would share the things that i remember.

    First of all, Characters.

    -There are 6 special characters, 4 Lord and 2 Hero.

    -The Lord ones are: Karl Franz (who can ride an Imperial Dragon), Kurt Hellborg (sp?), Volkmar and Balthasar Gelt

    -The hero ones are: Luthor Huss and someone else. This would be Ludwid Schwarzhelm who is the standard bearer of the Empire. JvK

    -There is a new lord choice available, The Arch Lector.

    Core Units

    -Spearmen and Halberdiers are now 5pts each.

    -Swordsmen are 6pts each

    -Knights are still 23pts each and one unit can be Inner Circle. This unit becomes a special choice.

    -Hangunners, Crossbowmen, Archers and Free company are unchanged.

    Special Units

    -Greatswords are now 10pts each

    -Pistoliers are now 18pts each

    -New Unit, Outriders. These are basically Pistoliers that are 21pts each and have repeater Handguns.

    -Cannon and Mortar Unchanged.

    Rare Units

    - Volley Gun is now 110pts and there is no short range (i.e all shots are S5, armour piercing.) Roll the artillery dice 3 times to see how many shots it fires. You then need to roll as normal on the crews BS to see how many hit. Then roll to wound.

    -New Rocket Thingy, thinks it is called Rocketstorm. This is basically a S5 Mortar. The initial guess is like a cannon, place the template after adding the artillery dice. Then it scatters like a Mortar. Its basically a stone thrower. JvK

    -Flagellents. Before fighting a round of combat you can sacrifice D3 guys as Martyrs. Depending on the number that become Martyrs, they gain bonuses e.g Hatred and Re-rolling rolls to Wound, can't remember the 3rd. +1 combat resolution. JvK

    -Steam Tank. This now has S6, T6 and 10 wounds. Generates steam points before and this determines how far it can move. The steam point generation system has changed. It is not a Chariot as previously said.

    Other stuff:

    -Box sets of State Troops and Handgunners are boxes of 10 and are rumoured to cost £12 a box.

    -There is a Mechanical horse that is available to engineers, this is a barded warhorse that does D3 S4 Impact hits.

    -Warrior Priests prayers are now Bound level 4, the arch lector can do 2 a turn.

    - There are 3 new Warrior Priest Models, 2 of them are cool but one of them has stupidly large Mickey mouse gloves on.

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    I have to say I pretty much agrre with all of those points. Except the troops being sold in boxes of 10 for £12. Paying £24 for 20 plastic men seems a bit harsh.
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    5 point infantry for us, cool.
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