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    Empire Special Characters and other rumours.

    This was posted by RoXxoRs of warseer. I have edited this a little for the purposes of spelling and clarrity

    Lord choices

    Karl Franz

    -350ish points ,WS 6 S 4 T 4 I 5 W 3 A 3 Ld 10
    comes with runefang can have ghal maraz at +30 same as before but does not give you +2 attacks as well.
    -Can have horse can have death claw +225 can have dragon +320.
    -Deathclaw is hard better value than the dragon for what he does and if karl dies he has hatred and auto passes all trests

    Kurt Helborg

    -370 ish points can remmeber exactly
    -Full plate ,barding I think no special armour
    WS7!! A4 Ld9
    -Solland runefang
    -Reiksguard army basically as before i think

    Balthazar Gelt

    -Same as before but cannot heal himself with panacea universailles


    -WS5 S4 T4 I5 A3 LD 9
    -Rides war alter
    -5+ regeneration for both him and altar
    -His weopon has +2 strength at all times
    -All allys within 12' have hatred
    -War alter is S5 T5 W5, acts like a chariot, can cast any spell in the lore of light at level 5 not sure if you choose or roll.

    -Arch lector . WS4 S4 T4 I4 A2 Ld 9 basically a wizard tah tcan fight
    -Can cast 2 prayers a turn


    Luthor Huss

    -180 pts
    -WS5 S4 T4 I4 or 5 A2 LD8 heavy armour ,mtd barding, grt weopon
    causes fear cant rmember anything else

    Ludwig schwarzthelm

    -225 pts
    -WS6 S4 T4 I5 or 6 A3 Ld9 or 8
    -Killing blow ,sword of justice (re roll wounds )
    -Mtd, barding ,full plate
    -Has body guard special rule means if he is in unit with franz then if franz fails look put sir ludwig takes it,
    -Emperors Banner +2 combat res ( +1 for bsb,+1 for the emperors banner)

    -Priests are -5 pts ,have 5 prayers at level 4 can cast 1 a turn

    -Captains are the same basically

    -Wizards +5 pts

    -Engineers +5pt
    -Can have clockwork horse ,it is same as before in this post but when it charges does
    d2(D2??? I think he means D3) lightnening attack at S3 impact hits, it unleashes a lightnening bolt lol
    -Can join machines


    -Swordsmen 6 pts 145 pts for unit with full command and shieds (shileds come free)
    -Halberdiers and Spearmen 5 pts (unit of 20 with no shields full command is 120 pts
    -Full command is chaper now
    -Handgunners,archers crossbows are the same huntsmen are minnimum of 10 per unit now
    -Knights same as before points wise cavalry hammers are now grt weopons


    -Inner circle knights r a special choice if upgraded
    -Pistoliers , 18 pts ,light armour ,mounted,brace of pistols ,champion can have repeater pistol NO FUSILDAE RULE
    -Outriders 21 pts repeater handguns,BS 4 can have barding but not fast cav then champ costs +16 muscian costs +8 long rifle upgrade is + 20 blunderbuss grenade launcher is free as well as repeater pstol


    Hellblaster 110 pts explodes on a 1 or 6 ,6 is still kaboom has to roll to hit
    Hellstorm rocket battery 115pts mortar but st 5
    Flagellants,10 pts can martyr 1 2 or 3 effects are as before in this post but they r culmulative if you have a preist or arch lector or more than 1 you can have 1 unit of flagellants as core ,so in 2000 pts you can 3 units

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    Basically life sucks, there is only war and you're probably gonna get eaten by Tyranids, have fun.


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