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    Lots of Rumors and PICS

    First the DKoK

    And now Some more Empire stuff (sorry if there are repeats)
    Quote Originally Posted by Avian
    More stuff, missile weapons this time:

    - It appears that the "extra D6" in range for the first shot with handgunners" rule is gone

    - Repeater pistols appear to just be pistols with multiple shots x3. However, they may be combined with a normal pistol in the other hand for a total of 4 shots.

    - Repeater handguns appear to just be normal handguns with multiple shots x3

    -The Grenade Launcher is 16" range, S6, armour piercing and move-or-fire. Contrary to previous rumours it is NOT one shot only

    -Pigeon Bombs seem to work like this: They are missile weapons with unlimited range. Istead of rolling to hit, roll a D6; 1: homing pigeon , 2-4: miss, 5-6: hit. Hits use the small round template and are S4.

    -The Huntsmen upgrade for Archers is apparently the same as now, except that Huntsmen units must be 10+ models instead of 5+

    And a bit on the pistolier models:
    Quote Originally Posted by Footsteps
    The pistolier lower legs can just as easily be painted up as knee boots,indeed from looking at them closely that seems to be what is actually modelled on the leg.The painter of these figures has either deliberately chosen or misunderstood the armour look on the shins.
    The outrider parts are not seen here but include a coat/cloak with one of the arms modelled onto it,with their leader holding up a splendid sword/pistol combo,a sleeved coat hanging loosely behind.
    I counted ten holstered pistols and a double pistol set,and four seperate pistols,saddlebags,small pouches ,a couple of bottles and a couple of swords amongst the 'bits'.
    All that on a sprue that makes three riders.

    Misc. models:
    Quote Originally Posted by Death3965
    i saw the sprues for the handgunners/crossbowmen and the pistollers/outriders and handgunners are torso and body already attached and outriders box nice big horses tails attached already so no gluing thoses also outriders have repeater handguns and the gernade launcher is just a tube really and they do have a powder monkey for handgunners
    Flagellant models:
    Quote Originally Posted by Harry
    Plastic Flaggellants have been spotted!!! (and I have heard this from more than one source!)
    Quote Originally Posted by Avian
    Quote Originally Posted by anarchistica
    All changes i could detect:

    Warrior Priest: -5 points, normal Hatred, Prayers Power Level 4.
    Master Engineer: +10 points, Grenade Launching Blunderbuss (10 points, S5 move-or-fire shortbow), Pigeon Bombs (25 points, no range, LOS, move-or-fire, S4, small template, 1/6 chance of hitting self, 1/3 chance of hitting target).
    Battle Wizard: +5 points.

    Halberdiers: -1 point.
    Spearmen: -1 point.
    Swordsmen: -1 point.
    White Wolves: -2 points.

    Great Swords: -2 points, not 0-1, unit size: 5+.
    Pistoliers: -1 point, can have a musician (7 points), outrider (champion) can't take repeater handgun.
    Outriders: Pistoliers that cost +3 points, have BS4, have repeater handguns, can have barding (2 points), champion costs 16 points and can take repeater pistol (free) or hochland long rifle (5 points).

    Hellblaster: -15 points, 24", S5, 3 Art Die hits.
    Flagellants: -1 point, -1T, champion -2 points, Frenzy (never lost), May martyr D3 models at start of combat (don't count for CR): 1 = Hatred, 2 = Re-roll failed wounding rolls, 3 = +1CR, effect lasts until the end of that close combat phase.
    Hellstorm Rocket Battery: 115 points, 12-48", S5, large template.
    Steam Tank: 300 points, WS 1, BS 4, S6, T6, W10, US10, can't go through difficult terrain.

    Mace of Helstrum: -5 points.
    Sword of Sigismund: -5 points.
    Sword of Fate: -10 points.
    Sword of Righteous Steel: -15 points.
    Hammer of Judgement: -10 points.
    Dragon Bow: -5 points.
    Sword of Justice: -5 points.
    Wyrmslayer Sword: -5 points.

    The Gilded Armour: -10 points.
    Dawn Armour: -5 points.
    Shield of the Gorgon: -10 points.
    Helm of the Ratslayer: +5 points.
    Armour of Meteoric Iron: -5 points.
    Bronze Shield: -5 points.

    Shroud of Magnus: -10 points.
    Jade Amulet: -10 points.
    Sigil of Sigmar: -5 points.

    Laurels of Victory: -15 points.
    The Silver Horn: -10 points.
    Van Horstman's Speculum: +5 points.
    The Orb of Thunder: -10 points.
    Doomfire Ring: +5 points.
    Icon of Magnus: -5 points.
    Ring of Volans: -10 points.

    Seal of Destruction: -5 points.
    Grey Wand: -10 points.
    Rod of Power: -15 points.
    Crystal Ball: -10 points.
    Wizard's Staff: -5 points.

    Griffon Banner: +5 points.
    Standard of Arcane Warding: -10 points.
    Steel Standard: -5 points.
    Banner of the Daemonslayer: As Banner of Ulric (not sure if that one is gone).

    Not sure how reliable my source is, but he supplied me with a rather real looking page so it seems legit.

    The Banner of Ulric indeed has been replaced by the Daemonslayer Banner.

    The mechanic steed is a barded warhorse with WS1, S4, I1 that does D3 impact hits.

    White Wolves are simply Knights who replace their lance and shield with a great weapon. The Daemonslayer Banner can thus be taken by any Knights.

    Flagellant Warbands aren't 0-1 and one unit can be taken as a Core unit if you have any Warrior Priests.

    Huntsmen are 10-20 now, a curious change IMO. Scouts with a minimum unit size of 10?

    Luthor Huss: 180 points, one Hero choice, -1 W, I, A, Ld.

    Originally Posted by Dr. Who View Post
    In the latest WD there is a 2 page Empire preview. It is where the scans of the state troops and Ludvig Swartzhelm are comming from. In it, it is also mentioned that the Empire book is 96 pages long, not the usual 80.

    Could this be a portent (pun intended) of things to come? Bigger armybooks with more background material? Or just more miniature adverts? We can but hope (for more text)!

    Balthasar Gelt is also shown. Staff of Volans now gives him +2 to casting and immunity to the first miscast. He can no longer heal himself though. Otherwise he is pretty much like the old version.

    The Imperial Zoo just describes the mount options, including the dragon, which is a bog standard dragon. Its breath weapon does not have any of the special effects that Black and HE Dragons do.

    Apparantly mounts no longer have a stat of BS 0 but rather BS - !

    - Dr.

    Harry, that's kinda old news.

    - Arch Lector: Can take War Altar for 100 points.
    - Grand Master: 145 points.
    - Knights: Become Special if they are Inner Circle.
    - Huntsmen: Count towards Core, Champion costs 5 points.
    - Free Company: No Light armor option.
    - Handgunners: Brace of Pistols free for Champion.
    - Crossbowmen: Are State Troops.
    - Steam Tank: 1+ armour save, comes with cannon (+2" range/D3 S2 hits, no armour save on units in base contact with front of tank) and steam gun (S2, no armour save). Everything relating to weird charges, Hull Points, etc is gone. The rules now simply state it is a war machine with those stats, and there's one page with the Steam Points rules.
    - Steam Points: Must build up SP to do something. May build up 1-5. Roll D6 and add amount built up. If total is more than remaining Wo, loses 1 Wo and doesn't generate SP. One SP allows it to move 3" or fire the steam gun, two SP allow it to fire the cannon.

    EDIT: Command groups cost 8/8/4 now for Spearmen & Halberdiers.

    War Altar / 100 points

    S, T, W 5.
    5+ armour save.
    large target.
    Lector and Altar unbreakable, 4+ ward save & MR (2).
    bound spell: pick a lore of light spell during magic phase, cast with power level 5.
    Quote Originally Posted by Harry
    I am now looking at a handgunners sprue.
    Firstly, I need to correct myself....(shocker!) There are in fact 10 Bodies on the double sprue...(not six or seven as stated earlier) I now understand what he meant.
    There are six or seven different sculpts....in otherwords 3 or 4 of the bodies are repeated with just slight changes to the 'trappings' (Bags, pouches, strapped on knives etc.)
    Its a similar story with the guns...there are 10 Hand guns with one or two repeated. (same for crossbows) In addition there is a multibarrelled weapon, a brace of pistols , a long rifle and a rifle with bayonette....I imagine if someone looks they will find the historical model from which the inspiration from this comes...it has a pistol grip.
    There is also the pieces to do a man loading as shown and a man witha shouldered musket shaking his fist...as shown.
    12 different heads and a mess of extra daggers pouches and what nots...and a banner.

    The powder monkey can be seen on the box art...third picture down, top left...under the long rifle wearing a feathered hat.
    Happy Viewage!

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    nice I love the standing models.
    "They shall all taste OBLIVION!,.....which tastes like Red Bull, which is disgusting."

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