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    Hints from Allesio

    This was posted by Lazarus on warseer. It does seem to indicate a few interesting possibilities. JvK


    was at GWGT at the weekend and sat in on Alessio's seminar.....

    The Empire book did the rounds but as it's been disussed to death I didn't really look too much at it.

    He was very careful about what he said (looked like a GW thought police/minder was in charge from the wings).

    He talked about rules and interpretaion, but he gave a couple of hints about things to come....

    He said they wanted a more generic set of rules covering lots of things where there were previously army specific rules.....his example hinted that Etherial might just become "harder to wound" so could have, say, a very high

    He also said they had been looking at more rules for wapons (the question was about cavalry charging pikes or spears) but didn't have enough time to get them sorted, however, that's not to say that something coming "soon" like "maybe elves" might have some weapons rules for longer spears or lances (sure he also said lances but not 100% sure).

    Random hit shooty weapons (as already seen with the Hell Blaster) will have to roll to hit as the books come out - weakening them good ol' rattling guns a bit, the Dwarfs slipped through this one!!!

    They will not do what they did before where everytime someonehad an idea that miht effect other books they wrote errata or revisions or annuals or WD articles ad infinitum. If it says something in the book then that what it means unless it were blatantly wrong - making it easier to reference rules.

    They are definately doing suppliments to the rules for other things but these are just that so if they did siege it would be for people with a bit of imagination who like to have to "roll play" it a bit when the rules are a little odd....they will never cross into the main rules.

    I hope some of this is news - if not sorry.

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    I already posted this in one on my threads. Sorry!


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