This was posted by Deathwatch on Warseer.

GET SOMEONE TO WARHAMMER WORLD WITH A DIGITAL CAMERA ASAP as the New darkangels were in the cabinets yesterday. Even the store staff didnt know!
I dont have anyway of uploading the piccies to the net and I'm not texting the ones on my phone to everyone! (curses the gods of money and technology and any others who happen to be listening!)
Master of the Ravenwing on jetbike is there
All three libbies on foot, and the Term one.
Both Metal dark angel captains (a rumour i heard says the old school winged helmet is the ltd ed army figure)
Azreal - no different but with a sculpted back banner.
2 Speeders with bits from the new vehicle sprues as well as a bike squad with the new fairings, robed vet and Back banners.
PA command squad with bits for plastic D angel captian with helmet like the one azreals little robed chum carries!
New plastic Devvies - which aren't really discernable from the metals,
Loads of Dark Angel marines
and probably more that I have either forgotten or didint notice as I was blinded by the GMOTRW. He is lovely. Big long jetbike, bit like the preheresy ones in the artbooks, sloping prow a bit like a BFG ship, with a sculpted inperial eagle on the front. the bolt gun appears as torpedo tube like openings at teh fron. The Plasma Cannon is mounted under the front of the jet bike roughly where the front wheel would be. He is looking of to the left with his sword outstretched. His cloak is flowing out behind him (only bit I'm not convinced about) the tail has 3 "fins" a bit like the back of the landspeed but I remeber them having wings/feathers sculpted on them.
Off now to releive myself as thinking about the GMATRW again has got me all excited....
Oh yeah, for those of you who care the new empire and LOTR miniatures are in a cabinet too!