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    Lots of Fantasy Stuff

    Quote Originally Posted by Harry
    I have recieved a number of requests to post the rumours from The Watchman from members without the bandwidth or otherwise having problems with the download. So, with the kind permission of The watchmans Editor, here it is, as it was submitted, shocking spelling and Grammar and everything Hope this helps.

    (I have no idea if this differs from the article as it appeared in The Watchman as I have been unable to download it succesfully myself!)



    Fantasy Buildings and Terrain (June 2007 Onwards?)
    More releases (for Orcs, Dwarfs, Empire). (May, June, July 2007 in that order.)
    Mighty Empires (July 2007)
    High Elves (Was Summer 2007 Seems to be getting later and later!)
    Summer Campaign (Summer 2007 obviously!)
    Vampire Counts (Was Autumn 2007 Seems it may also be later).

    After this everything is (even more!) subject to change but, I am confident Dark Elves will be the next army book to be updated. (In 2008 originally I understood it was to be early in 2008 but it is also getting pushed later.)
    Having said that, the Chaos project may be ‘gathering momentum’ and ‘coming up on the outside’ with a ‘late challenge’ and it really would not surprise me if we saw something for chaos first.
    There have been a number or rumours recently about Chaos. These are based on a number of sightings of figures leading people to the conclusion that Chaos is the next army after HE and VC. However I believe that the signals are being misinterpreted. I don’t think the book will be along for a little while. I think It is a big (and important) project that the Games Workshop developers want to get right. However, I don’t think Chaos fans will have to wait for the book until they get a little something new for their armies. (Cough, Knights, Cough, battalion box set, Cough, Cough.)

    Predicting a release order for anything further ahead than this is so likely to change its not even worth it! But for what it is worth I have heard about work being done for, Skaven as well as Chaos and Dark Elves and for some other ‘more neglected’ armies. I’ll tell you more about this next time.


    First to come are some new modular Gameboards. These will link together like a Jigsaw to make you as big a wargames table as you require!
    Then there will be two new kits for woods. One makes a little wood and one makes a big wood! These are made with plastic trees.
    Then come the buildings I have heard about four different ones so far there may be more (but I am not going to spoil all the surprises.) Available individually.
    Some of these can be combined with a wall kit to make one big ‘fortified manor house type thing’ which will be available to buy as a kit.
    Then there will be a really big terrain set, (like the complete Cities of Death kit).


    Well there are these.....


    I think these may have been done entirely on computer. No green stuff involved. (The world we live in. I remember when toy soldiers ……)
    Obviously there is Gorbad., but also some new Boar Boys to go with him. (And possibly a new Boar chariot or at least the old one updated with the new boars)
    New common Trolls. (As seen at Gamesday UK this year).
    The Giant cave squig is done and the Gigantic spider. (but don’t get too excited about this one, its just the same as the spider riders spider, only bigger!)
    I have heard conflicting rumours about problems with Azhag, (over scale), but it seems he is still set for release this summer. Azhags Wyvern is said to be very nice, poised for attack with on wing tip stuck in the ground for balance. Azhag is said to be Huge!
    However, this would seem to be a different Wyvern to the ’masters series’ one with its tail wrapped around the rock described months ago by Hastings. I am not sure this one will make it into production. What I heard, right or wrong, is that it was too big for the plastic moulds and too heavy to be made in metal and as a result will be passed to Forgeworld to do in resin. (just as the Eldar Avatar was recently). But it is possible that some of the rumours about dragons and wyverns have got mixed up and this story is about a different dragon model entirely!


    In 40K you can buy an all plastic Mega Forces for some/most armies. (sorry don’t know much about 40K) This is comimg to Warhammer Fantasy Battles. From this summer you will be able to buy, all plastic Mega Warhammer armies. No Rulebook, no metal miniatures, no special Limited Edition miniatures. Just a huge box full of all the plastic for an army.
    The first Mega Warhammer box will be for Orcs and be followed by Mega Warhammer deals for Empire and Dwarfs.


    There is a much rumoured Plastic Dwarf Lord (and Battle Standard Bearer ?) set. The Lord obviously come with the option of shield and bearers and if there isn’t an oath stone on the sprue somewhere I’ll eat my horned helmet!
    I have heard about new plastic Miners. This will be a full multi part kit not more of the Battle for Skull Pass chaps.
    And I have even heard ‘grumbles’ about a plastic Flame cannon.
    I know, I know, I’ll be having you believe next there will be plastic Dwarf slayers! (Well, I would if I could get this rumour confirmed from a second source!)


    There will be Karl Franz on a selection of different mounts (Deathclaw, Dragon and Pegasus). The Dragon is a Large plastic kit! Like the Giant it will come with lots of extras for customisation. (NOTE: Modelling options not parts to make it into a dragon for other races! E.g. Chaos or undead!)
    There will NOT be a new Balthasar Gelt., Luther Huss Or even Volkmar,
    However, I predict a new plastic Arch Lector/War Alter kit. (but this will not be for a little while.)
    As has already been rumoured by Hastings there should be a new Plastic sprue for the Knightly Orders and contrary to everything I had heard before there now seem to be rumours of new plastic barded horses!
    Januarys White Dwarf (WD325) seems to suggest some pieces from a new knightly orders/Knights of the empire sprue have been used in conversions (as part of a project in the back pages and also as part of the Modelling Generals article). Whilst these may be incorrect it suggests that at least one person at WD thinks the set exists! Also there are some incredible concept sketches from the talented hand of David Gallhager included in the fantastic ‘The Empire at war’ background book. (Which I recommend to all fans of the Empire or indeed any warhammer fans.) However I can get NO conformation that new Knights or knights horses are on their way so this remains to be seen.
    However, I have heard rumours about both the two remaining infantry units not yet available in plastic being done. Flaggellants and Greatswords!
    We will get both the Helstorm Rocket Launcher and a new plastic Helblaster Volley Gun. (Although, I had heard, the planned combined Helstorm/Helblaster plastic kit got scrapped because too many compromises to the designs of the machines were required to make them from the same kit.
    There is also a rumour about a plastic steam tank that will not go away. However, I have heard about other ‘bigger things’ to come for Warhammer and I think the steam tank may be part of this, in the future. So watch this space.
    When all this is done ‘the goal’ of the first complete plastic army for warhammer would be achieved except for a few characters…If they included another warrior priest on foot in my ‘predicted’ Arch Lector/War Alter kit that would only leave Engineers and Battle Wizards in metal. So the following ‘unconfirmed’ rumour, seen in this context, sounds possible.
    From the ‘engineers school’, I have an unconfirmed rumour about an engineer model/kit/blister? Plastic/metal??? that comes with two separate engineers and all the different weapon options. If metal it may even utilize the same engineers arm sprue that was part of the Engineer on mechanical steed kit.
    I have saved the best for last. I have heard from a number of sources about new set of Four different plastic Battle wizards!


    Let me say up front. I have decided not to discuss the contents of the High Elf army book. If for no other reason than its not finished yet! It still only exists as a partially completed document and will not even exist as a ‘draft’ PDF document for at least a month. I just don’t think it is fair to start to pull something to pieces before its even been put together. (And I have decided, even though he never phones and he never writes, that I like Adam Troke)
    Anyway it will give me something to write about next issue! (Only joking, Adam. Well the odd little ‘snippet’ never did any harm.)

    There will be Plastic kits for characters mounted and foot. (One for Princes and Commanders and another for Mages).
    In addition there will be a plastic Dragon kit. (75Hastings69 posted this on warseer months ago) This is the one flying horizontally like the old Dragon Masters dragon (for those who remember that far back). It will come with various rider options to represent different character options who can ride it.
    I have heard about a High Elf riding an eagle but I have no idea whether this is a character model or suggests a change to the current entry for Eagles in the list!
    Martin Footit is the name I have heard in connection with new plastic troops and Steve Saleh has made a couple of characters. Steve Saleh did lots of stuff for the Wood Elves and Martin Footit is the guy who did those fantastic High Elf Heroes and Mages a little while back (for the Lustria campaign) so if those minis are anything to go by, I am pretty excited the new stuff.
    I have heard about plastic box sets for spearmen. Not with other options as with recent Empire and Dwarf core troops. However, I have heard that you will be able to customise these to represent different provinces. (using add on bits for the helms and spears , etc.)
    New High Elf cavalry plastics. The horses would seem to be the wood elf horses with possibly optional barding. I have heard nothing about the riders.
    I have heard about from a couple of sources about new character models for Lothern Sea guard including a Sea guard Captain/Commander with a Sea hawk on his wrist and a standard bearer with a carved wooden leg. The art work for the seaguard is a lot more ‘gritty’ than the old look. (More ‘sea dog’ than Sea Elf!) I don’t know if these are part of a bigger ‘redo’ of the Sea Guard models or not.

    There has been just one or two hints, rumours, confirmations (and a few disagreements!) about a ‘Lion chariot’ on Warseer.
    So here are some facts:
    There will be a new plastic High Elf Chariot kit. (Yes, Plastic!)
    This has been sculpted by Dave Thomas. (Dave Thomas is the man responsible for Marneus Calgar, the Command Squad for Space Marines and Vostorians in 40K, various Lord of the Rings minis and, more recently, and the remarkable new Kurt Helborg.)
    Much as the Kurt Helborg was an update of the older mini rather than a ‘new’
    mini, the same could be said of this chariot. It has some similarity in design to the current chariot, its a development. (Clearly from the same race, etc.) so they should sit OK next to each other nicely on the table. It is a true multi-part kit with lots of bits and bobs to customise your chariot and it comes with the option of Lion ‘steeds’.

    I had suggested on Warseer that this ‘Lion Chariot’ would cause fear this was based on the fact that I felt a lion would scare the crap out of me. (Especially if one could bring down a cold one by the throat, but that’s another story.)
    However, it is now my understanding that it will NOT cause fear and so as far as I am aware there will be no new fear causing unit/model in the High Elf list.
    I make a point of this only to clear up my own earlier, incorrect, assumption. (This could still change. It may be yet be decided that lions should cause fear (and its not just me being a girl.) Then again, maybe, if you live in a world of Dragons and Trolls, Lions would not be such a fearsome creature!)


    I have heard so many conflicting things, and put forward so many different ideas on Warseer and changed my mind on this so many times…..
    …..but out of all of this here is everything I know for sure about this summers campaign.
    1) There will be a campaign
    2) It will be in the summer.

    Joking aside January’s White Dwarf will make it clear that this summers campaign will be for Warhammer Fantasy Battle and will be called ‘The Nemisis War’ or the ‘The Nemesis Crown campaign’. (These are used interchangeably).
    It will revolve around the hunt to recover the mysterious Nemesis crown. ‘an ancient Dwarf magical artifact of terrifying power’ that has ‘lain hidden from the eyes of mortals for millennia’. It seems this crown was made by Alaric the Mad, the Dwarf who made the Runefangs for the Empire and then disappeared. Apparently it has ‘resurfaced’ (the Crown not the Dwarf!) somewhere in the old world millennia later.
    I have heard each army will get a new special character and these will be the main protagonists in the quest to snatch the crown for their race. Other than the releases already mentioned I am not sure if there will be any additional releases for other races.
    More about the Nemesis War next time!


    I have heard about some very exciting developments for the undead.
    John Blanche took on the Concept artwork for the Vampire Counts as a ‘personel project’ to help provide a more unified feel. (Oh my goodness, I am as nervous about what the ‘feel’ will be as I am excited by this news!) I am imagining a pretty different (more ‘Games Workshop’ look). I think it puts rumours of a more ‘constructed’ look for zombies into perspective.
    As a result the entire figures range will be re-vamped (teehee, gets me every time) with new minis for almost everything.
    Brian Nelson has made new skeleton ‘dollies’ and Aly Morrison and Mike Anderson are producing various skeleton derived troops based on these. I have heard about three or four different unit options. (I assume, not only will this give us skeletons and armoured skeletons but some new Grave guard as well. (Possibly with different weapons options. Cough, Halberds Cough). (Brian and Aly need no introduction. Mike is a winner of Golden Demons and having been sculpting for fanatic he has, recently, done the impressive new Skarsnik model and been involved in all the new Empire plastics (with Brian, Aly and Steve Saleh) and is the man who did those fantastic new Warrior Priests. After their, hugely successful, collaboration on the Empire plastic troops I am very excited to see what they do working together on Skellies. I think if the Empire troops are anything to go by we can look forward to some much more dynamic, detailed and characterful skeletons than the current set.
    Seb Perbett I think is doing new Ghouls. (He is known for winning Golden Demon Statues and Various 40K stuff Vostorians? Tau? I think? Sorry Seb. Don’t do 40K)
    Trish Morrison (On monsters. No surprises there) is doing new plastic ‘night creatures set’ I have heard specifically about Dire wolves but I assume new bats. Normal, vampire bat swarms and giant fell bats but have no details. I don’t even know that these troop choices will make it into the new book.)
    In terms of characters, Gav Thorpe has been quoted as saying that he thinks the bloodlines are too restrictive and that players should be able to have a more individual vampires, not limited by the bloodlines. If the book allows for more individual vampires to be created I do not anticipate a character plastic kit, as we have seen for other races, for vampires but rather a large selection of vampire models much like we have seen recently with the goblin characters so that players can find one that most closely resembles their image of a vampire.
    Having said this I would not rule out a plastic kit for the Necromancers who will have a more significant role to play in the new undead army.
    Also I have heard that Wraiths return as a unit to the list and there will also be some ‘unexpected additions’ and the return of some old, old favourites.


    Mighty Empires is being re-released. This will not be as a stand alone game board game (as it was in the past) but more as a campaign supplement for linking your Warhammer Fantasy Battles.
    It will come with plastic tiles which will allow you to build a plastic 3D world (or reproduce a part of the ‘Old World’) with little mountains, rivers and forests and coastlines in which to base your games.
    There will be army specific sets of ‘army banners’ (counters to represent your armies) as well as the villages, cities, castles, etc. used in the game.
    However, I really hope this system is just be part of a larger package to support your warhammer games. I was told that siege would be the first thing released in support of warhammer. I was also told that there would be support for playing warhammer in different ways…developments to the ‘special features’ system in the rule book, big battles, big boats, etc. I have heard little about these recently.
    I hope what they might have done is made the decision that there was not enough material to take each of these ideas and make separate supplements but instead they have rolled some of them into one. In effect they could have done a re-write of the Generals Compendium. Including its best bits and a whole lot more. It was a fantastic book, just chock full of great ideas to expand the ways in which to enjoy warhammer. But completely ‘unofficial’!
    Jeremy Vetock, who was one of the co-writers of that book, and Chad Mierzwa, one of the other members of the, very talented, hobby team involved in that project, are now based in the UK studio. Jeremy Vetock is Hobby team manager.(title?)
    I hope that the UK studio have done an ‘official’ version of this. A warhammer extension/supplement that could include: Campaign system based on the old Mighy Empires. (complete with plastic tile system.) Map based campaigns (complete with map), Scenario generators, maybe include Nigel Stilmans excellent ‘The night before battle’ rules article?, Rules for big battles, multiplayer battles rules for using contingents from different armies, lots of new scenarios, lots of new ‘special features’ developing the stuff in the rule book, Etc, Etc….All in one Big Box! Oooohh! Sir! Pleeeease let it be so.
    Now please bear in mind that I am really going ‘out on a limb’ here and this ‘theory’ is based on ‘very little’ (read ‘No’) actual facts. For all I know it is just the campaign system. And that’s it. The rest of it could all be planned for separate supplements. But you know me. I do like to get excited about what they might do!
    I am now fairly sure that Siege rules and rules for using big boats (like ‘Warhammer Ahoy” from Gamesday or the rules in the generals compendium) Will not be part of this supplement. I think they must be coming later or I would have heard more about it by now!.
    And more.

    Quote Originally Posted by Harry
    Heres the last little bit (it was too big for one post)



    Mordhiem will no longer exist as it is now. It will be re-written and re-released to bring it ‘in house’ and in line with the ‘core’ game. So, finally, a real skirmish system for Warhammer Fantasy Battle. It will provide both the detailed skirmish rules and buildings rules ‘missing’ in the 7th edition rulebook.


    The Warmaster Araby army will be released in January/February. Elephants, Djini’s, Flying carpets, the lot!


    A taste of things to come in the future for warhammer Fantasy. (No really!)


    I think Blood Bowl was first released in 1987 That would make this year its 20th Anniversay (if my dates/maths are correct!) There were a lot of updates to the ‘living rulebook’ (online). I think this activity may have been due to the intended re-release of Blood Bowl this year although I can not say this for certain (but I can’t see Games Workshop waiting 5 years until the 25th anniversary).
    This is just a hunch. (For those that don’t know me from Warseer my hunches are wrong most of the time!)
    Aly Morrison and Mark Bedford have been working on new teams for some of the races with all individual players like the new Human team. And I think a number of these are completed and ready to go.


    Talking of anniversaries. On the 4th April this year (2007) Black Libraries will be 10 years old. I anticipate some ‘special offers’ to celebrate this ‘special occasion’.

    DISCLAIMER: Please remember this is all just ‘rumours’. Even if what I have said here is correct things can and often do change. Please don’t start buying or selling your figures based on anything you read here.
    Some of the information has appeared on sites like Warseer. (Some of it posted by me, some of it posted by others). I make no apology for any repetition of information which has appeared elsewhere. It appears here for anyone who reads The Watchman in isolation and has not the time or inclination to trawl the forums for this information.
    Also some of this information may have been posted after this article was written.
    For those of you that do seek rumours elsewhere I hope I have included enough new ‘snippets’ that you have found something of interest to you or you could just see the whole thing as the Watchmans rumour round up’. More next time.

    All the best.

    My thanks go to everyone who has shared information with me.
    With special thanks to 75hastings69 for his support. And Voltaire for his encouragement.

    If anyone has any ‘little snippets’ of information they would like to share you can always contact me (Harry) via PM on Warseer. I am always happy to swap info about your favorite Warhammer army or Specialist games in return for info. Or just to chat!


    Hope this wan't posted before


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    238 (x6)

    It hasn't been posted before, so good job. (Although I have already read it )


    In 40K you can buy an all plastic Mega Forces for some/most armies. (sorry don’t know much about 40K) This is comimg to Warhammer Fantasy Battles. From this summer you will be able to buy, all plastic Mega Warhammer armies. No Rulebook, no metal miniatures, no special Limited Edition miniatures. Just a huge box full of all the plastic for an army.
    The first Mega Warhammer box will be for Orcs and be followed by Mega Warhammer deals for Empire and Dwarfs.
    Just to expand on that point, theres another thread about april releases that suggests the contents of these Mega Forces (no idea what they'll actually call them but it'll be different from the 40k name I expect)

    Quote Originally Posted by Dspankdo
    Just found out the full list of april releases, this should confirm a few rumours.

    Orcs and Goblins: Mege deal which is completely plastic and includes 32 boyz, 20 goblins, 20 black orcs, boar chariot, Warboss, spider riders and fanatics. I would put it around the 100 pound mark.

    Dwarf"s:This kit is completely plastic it is a mega deal like the orc and goblin one and includes 40 thunderers, 40 warriors, 20 miners(these are plastic and come in packs of 10) and two cannon kits.

    Brettonians: New battalion with 8 knights, 1 pegusus knight, 16 bowmen and 20 MaA.
    At current prices, all of the models in the dwarf set come to £114 plus whatever they're charging for the new plastic miners. The O&G (assuming it means one box-worth of spider riders and one box-worth of fanatics) comes to £107 plus whatever they're charging for those new black orcs. I think the sets will probably will be £100 like the Space Marine and Tau ones, which will probably mean a considerable saving as I doubt the miners and black orcs will be cheap.
    Thou shalt remember:
    Warhammer Fantasy armies do NOT have Codices. They have Army Books.

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