Okay, I've just gone and done my usual "Wander over to warseer, see if they've got any good rumours, then bring them back here" routine. Guess what. I found something! So I stuffed it into my bag while nobody was looking and slowly made for the exit...

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From a thread in 40k rumours. There is a variety of other Fantasy related stuff there but most of it is know already.

Thanks to Rob0362 for originally posting this.

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Hey all after attending Gameday Atlanta here are some of the things discussed in the Seminar with Adam Troke. So of this is not new and some rumors are confirmed more
New High Elf Army book will be Huge he had just finished writing it and will be out before December and after October
Not as early as we'd hoped originally, but at least we now know a rough window for when we're likely to get rumours, and these wil probably be solid as the book is now finished.
What sounds promising is that Rob says the book will be huge. Hopefully tha means lots of fluff and interesting rules (and not just pretty pictures of the models )

And no this isn;t just an excuse to start another High Elf spamming thread, I felt it would be useful to have over here so we can discuss it.

Right, I'll leave this open to everyone else.
I'd have liked to see the book a bit sooner, but if it's as good as this rumour makes it sound I won't mind the wait. Oh, and in case any of you don't know I'm pretty sure Adam Troke is writing (well wrote, I guess) the new book. From the look of this the book will be released just in time for lots of Christmas shopping. It shall be a pointy-conical-helmeted Christmas, it seems.