One again I've done the old "run in and nick stuff" raid on the Warseer rumours section and this time I've returned triumphant with a release schedule they found on the GW France site.
Let's take a look at the loot...

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here are the official release dates for July (GW France, source ):

4th July:
Dwarf Slayers (box, 5 metal minis) 15,00 € (price code G)
Dwarf Slayer Command (box, 5! metal minis) 17,50€ (price code H)
Dwarf Long Beards (box, 5 metal minis) 15,00€ (price code G)
Dwarf Long Beard Command (box, 5 metal minis) 17,50€ (price code H)

11th July
Mighty Empire Warhammer Extension 40,00€ (price code M)
Flagellants (box, 10 plastic minis) 20,00€ (price code I)
Hellblaster/Hellfire canon (box, 1 war engine) 20,00€ (price code I)
Flagellant Regiment (box, 20 plastic minis) 30,00€ (price code K)

18th July
Watchtower (3 frame building set) 25.00€ (price code J)
Chapel (2 frame building set plus defensive walls) 22,50 € (between price code I and J?!)

25th July
Empire Standard Bearer (blister, 1 metal mini) TBA
Empire Bearer of the Griffon Banner (blister, 1 metal mini) 9,00€ (price code C)
Empire Wizards (box, 2 plastic minis on foot) 15,00€ (price code G)
Also someone posted in the same thread a scanned in image from a "new releases folder" which says that the Dwarf on oathstone and the BSB are metal and come in a boxed set together for £12. Released 16th June, advance order 5th May.

Get those wallets ready