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    2000 pt friendly league list

    Here is an attempt at putting a fairly balanced - all comers - list together.

    1X unit of 20 Slaves

    3 Globadiers

    1X unit of 10 Night Runners with slings

    1X unit of 10 Night Runners

    25 Clanrats, HW and Shield + Warpfire Thrower
    + Chieftan with Bands of Power

    20 Clanrats, HW and Shield + Ratling Gun
    + Grey Seer (Dispel Scroll) on Screaming Bell

    19 Plague Monks

    1 Plague Priest with Plague Censor

    3 X Rat Ogres

    Rat Pack of 12

    6 Jezzails

    Warlock engineer with warp blades, accumulator, scroll and storm daemon

    1 Warp Lightning Cannon

    1 Unit of 5 Gutter Runners - Tunneling Team (for warmachines)

    So far, my basic tactic has been to deploy all my cheaper skirmishing units first on one flank, then deploy most of my core army on the opposite flank, hopefully leaving some of the enemies units stranded (refused flank). I also sometimes deploy the rat ogres back on the opposite flank to challenge troops coming from that flank

    Hopefully this give me a few extra rounds of shooting and magic to whittle down the units opposite me.

    I'm a bit worried about other horde armies (Orcs and Goblins) and Bretonnians....

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