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    Eshin 1000 points

    Hi i was playing bret before and now its the fist time im trying a new army then i've choose the skaven the opposit of bret. I'm trying to do an Eshin army list with limited money so i to presenting to you my 1000 army list

    Hero:Chieftain with the desolated blade and a enchented shield total 99 points

    Assassin:with the warpstone amulet and a sword of might total: 150 points

    Assassin:with the blade of black fury : total 155 points

    Core: 2 regiment of clanrat 1 of them with spear total: 220 points
    1 regiment of clanrats slaves with spear total: 60 points
    2 pack of 5 night runner both with a 2nd/hw total: 70 points

    Special: 6 gutter runners with the tunneling team,poisonned hand weap and poisonned throwing stars Total: 126 points

    Rare: 15 plague monks with a 2nd/hw total : 120 points

    Total army 1000 points

    I realy appreciate your help .
    I'm playing most of the time vs vampire counts,deamonic hordes and high elfs

    Tank you

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    Hi! It is good that you will try Skaven
    I like your army, though there are some thing you can maybe change. Drop the spears from your clanrats and slaves, and add some more night runners for example. Spears are usually waste of points. Else, I like your army, you can maybe drop the Plague Monks ( Clan Pestillen...) and make your army totally Eshin, but I always use Plague Monks, they rock...

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