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    500 pts clan Moulder

    Hello! I have been playing FB for a while now (Lizardmen), and I am thinking about starting another army, and of course the always entertaining skaven were my number one choice. I have the army book, but have not bought any units yet. After reading the book, I really want to make a clan moulder list; can such a list be competative?

    Anyway, down to the small 500 pt clan moulder list I wrote up.

    Chieften w/ heavy armor, shield

    Warlock Engineer w/ warp blades

    3x Giant Rat Packs

    15x Stormverminw/ standard, musician, ratling gun

    2x Rat Ogres

    Any comments about this list and/or the army/clan moulder in general would be appreciated.

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    If you are making this list using the main warlord list then it is not correct as you must have at least 1 clanrat unit to act as mainstay before you have any other units, however if you are using the special clan moulder list at the back then this list is perfectly fine.

    I would however like to point out the usefulness of maybe including a master moulder, he has prity much the same stat line as a chieftain and provides your moulder units within 6" re rolls on failed psychology which can be useful

    Id always take a warlock engineer so keep him he adds a nice little taster of destruction from afar.
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