I am making a 250 point warband for an upcoming campaign and i need some advice to how well this list might do.


Warlock engineer - 70
- Warp-blades
- Warplock pistol

Core Units

10 Clanrats - 55
- Musician

20 Slaves - 44
- Musician

Special Units

10 Plague monks - 95
- Additional hand weapon
- Musician + Standard

Total = 264

My total needs to be below 250 and i really don't have a clue what i should drop/change so i thought i would see if anyone could help.
The way the campaign will work is that we have a basic list and you gain experience for wins/loses and so on which can be spent on extra troops, all of the troops that died in the game you played are rolled for and on a 3-6 they come back and can be used next game where as a 1-2 means they are permanently dead and you have to buy more

The plan was to hope i dont lose any clanrats and purchase a ratling gun asap and some censor bearers

All help will be much appreciated