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    My 3000pt Skaven Army!!!??!!!


    Screaming Bell and BSB go into one of the units of Clanrats.

    Swarms and unit of 10 night runners are to go onto the flanks and harass opponents units.

    Slaves go in a checker pattern in font of Clan rat units with both Plague monk units either on both sides of the clanrat / slave sandwich OR mix then in between.

    Rattling guns and Globadiers sit between Clanrat units.

    The two cannons can just take out any thing big and scary or cavalry if they decide to show their flank to it.

    And all that magic can just whittle down the units till the enemy gets close enough to bait with a combination of the 2 units of 5 night runners and the slaves.

    Warlord goes into one of the plague monk units or a secondary clanrat unit to rip anyone who comes near a new one.

    Any thoughts? Or possibly mistakes on my part (I tend to make a few mistakes with armies of this size.)

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    Very small skaven army for 3K, but with 100 pts in characters that's about where you'll be. Minor tweaks suggested:
    Grey Seer, i'd move the storm demon to an engineer, and give the warp stone charm to the engineer, its too much vested in the grey seer, also i'd lose the warpstone amulet on him, give it to the warlord instead for the attacks. A Grey seer on a bell is a target for missiles, so consider the Tenerous Clock with the 3+ ward to shooting/ Magic.

    Warlord, I like the set up, bands of power+the sword are a nice combo, with that number of attacks i'd pop the Warpstone ammy on him a 3+/4+ save in combat is pretty sweet, +2 attacks is nice, but I don't know the points vested in him, if it cannot fit, even dropping him to +1 attack with common magic item is good.

    Warlocks: good as is, maybe shift a scroll to the grey seer.

    Clan rats: I like the unit champion, but its a choice for each person, there are positives and negatives both ways.

    Globadiers: split them to units of 2-3, because your panic is the same either way vs 4. I use them in units of 2 to march block, and harass, but units ranging from 2-4 are ok, so its really a matter of personal choice.

    Night Runner x10. Not sure what your going for. 10 really is took much, they cannot rank, and with that number you may want to just make it a unit of 6-8 with addl hw's.

    Rat Swarms: i don't like them for their points. Read the new swarm rules carefully. Swarms are unbreakable, thus immune to psych IE cannot flee. Its a lot of points for not that much result. I'd prefer more clan rats and slaves. 260 pts gives you +1 clan rat units, +1 slaves, +weapon team. Its more valuable to to army, and allows another unit of night runners and globadiers, with your current set up you can split the unit of 10 night runners to 2x5, and split the 2x4 globes to 4x2.

    I would dump 1 cannon for 5 more jezzails, then you have a unit of 8 and a unit of 7 jezzails, much more efficient. WLC's are very unpredictable, so don't bank on them. Use them to scare opponents. The d6 wounds keeps people honest.

    Just my thoughts, welcome to skaven, hope things work out.
    40K-Beakies(9-14-4),Guard(4-7-2),Orks(34-12-11). FANTASY-Dwarves(15-6-7),Beasts (14-14-1), Skaven (17-17-10) DoC (6-1-2). CYGNAR (28-15-1)

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    I suggest the tenebrous cloak on the grey seer like mouse does as he is definatly a missile magnet, and move the storm daemon to an engineer, move the scrolls around a bit to make points fit

    I would suggest scrapping the night runners altogether, personally i don't like them that much, and with the points saved invest in other things, shall suggest later on.

    I agree with mouse on the globadier suggestion, by putting them into 3 units of 2, but is often best to test this out yourself.

    Keep the rat swarms, had a recent game against ogres and they did really well charging units flanks when already in combat.

    Also drop a Warp-lightening cannon, i don't really have much luck with these mine always explode by turn 3, turn 1 in my latest game, so really i think 1 is enough and maybe invest in some plague censor bearers to accompany your plague monks.

    With the points saved from changes suggested i would try and boost the jezzail units to at least 6 each, maybe put in another unit of 20 slaves and a unit of around 8 censor bearers.
    “Secret operations are essential in war; upon them the army relies to make its every move.” - Sun Tzu
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