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    750points SAD army, Shooty Army of Doom!


    Warlock Engineer (general) (45p)
    - Warpblade (15p)
    - Upgraded Warp-Energy Condenser (10p)
    - Dispell Scroll (25p),

    Warlock Engineer (45p)
    - Deathglobes (20p)

    Core Units:

    Clanrats x20
    - Spears (20p)
    - Standardbearer (10p)
    - Ratling Gun (60p)

    Clanrats x20
    - Spears
    - Standardbearer
    - Warpfire Thrower (75p)

    Poisoned Wind Globadiers x5

    Slaves x20

    Rare Units:

    Warp-Lightning Cannon


    Total: 745p


    The First Engineer (the general) is a cannon. he fires Warp Lightnings at every unit he can reach. The Warlock can take out a great amount of models or even a Hero if he gets the chance to. If targeted he runs, fast, and hides behind his ranks of clanrats.
    - Placement: a hill, or the edge of a forest (i nearly wrote fortrest, and that works fine too.
    - Main targets: anything that breathes (exeption for stuff that have magic resistance)
    - Notes: Overpowered... ^^

    The Second Engineer (Using "Death Globes") is placed with a unit of globaiders (hes not a part of it). They move together and try to keep themselves as far away from threats (flyers, skirmishers, fast cavallery) as possible. The purpose of this group is to kill the meanest, thoughest, most well armored unit in the opponents army. Since those kind of units move around a lot its good to tie them up with (preferably slaves but clanrats work just fine.... weeee "life is cheap"). When shooting try to move the engineer away from the globaiders since his missfire can kill the entire unit... Never get this group into combat if you can avoid it! Because when they do get into combat they are just a couple of naked clanrats with no rank bonus.
    - Placement: Anywhere safe, try and deploy them after your opponent deploys his heavy units.
    - Targets: As said before heavy armored units or units with lots of Toughness.
    - Notes: if you want to play realy safe you can remove the globaiders and give the engineer his magic equipment back. its easier, its more reliable but it will probably makes your army more overpowered than fun (thats what i think atleast, i started running this list without the globaiders)...

    Clanrats (all of them) are used to protect your wepons, hide your heroes, kill wounded troops, charge fleeing units, stall though opponents, fight other weak units and ruin any movments your opponents try to do.
    - Placement: The clanrats are best placed where they can easily move around.
    - Targets: Anything that threaten you, anything that your wepons or magic aint worth wasting on.
    - Notes: Don't get to confident with these troops, they are skavens...

    The Slaves are to move with the WTF (warpfire thrower... WFT .... WTF!). The WTF should stay behind the unit and shoot into combat right through them. the slaves will, if you are lucky, stay in combat for two combat phases (if you are realy lucky). So make those shots count. The WTF shouldnt move the turn before the slaves charge/get charged (try to let the slaves charge, its a better that way ^^)
    The slaves can also help the globaiders alot if you wan't them to.
    - Placement: Up front, in your opponents face screaming "40VP M**** F***er!!!" with the WTF deployed nearaby (it has to be deployed close to a unit of clanrats...)
    - Targets: Units that don't cause fear, terror or any other nasty Ld based stuff...
    - Notes: THEY ARE SLAVES! THEY COST 2 POINTS EACH! THEY ARE MADE FOR BEING KILLED! When they do what they should do its great, but when they don't you just lost 40p of slaves... they are as written in the book expendable.

    Ratling Gun is said to be one of the most overpowered wepons in warhammer, i say it is one of the most fun wepons to use in warhammer. Shoot a lonesome character: he will probably die (or atleast get a few wounds), Shoot a unit: they will flee (or atleast lose a couple of models). Don't aim it at stuff that do not need many shots to kill, its a waste (characters hunting on their own are okey since its always fun to sniper heroes (your opponent will not be happy when their 150p assassin gets killed in one shooting phase.)
    - Placement: Near shooting range. In LoS (line of sight) to as many units as possible.
    - Targets: As said above....
    - Notes: don't get to greedy with the shots, seriusly its no joke ^^ three dices are enough, four is pushing it (but its fun ^^)

    Warp-Lightning Cannon is realy good for snipering hiding mages, artillery or skrimishers that are hiding on the flanks.
    Its also realy fun to line the units up for one shot through your opponents entire army ^^
    Placement: in middle of a forest.
    Targets: everything.
    Notes: 8D6 !!!!! NICE ^^ woot....

    Post Ideas, Questions, Thoughts please ^^
    Sorry for all the bad spelling =P
    -- Truul

    Last edited by Truul; July 2nd, 2009 at 13:52.

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