I have been assembling rats like mad over the last week, fortunately for me, I had to have an operation so I had lots of time to sit and admire the shiny new models. I played a 1000 point game 3 weeks ago and had perhaps the best shooting phases I've ever had in my life. Doomrocket taking out a full unit of black orcs w/ 3 characters in it

I just purchased the grey seer on a screaming bell kit and have assembled and primed it (which finally pushes me over the 2k limit (well, well over with the batallion box I assembled this week)). I love the model and want to play a bunch of games with it to see how it performs. I have magnetized the model so I can remove the bell and rat ogre and swap it over to the plague furnace when I want to try it out.

On to the list:

  • Grey Seer on Screaming Bell - Skalm, Dispel Scroll, Shadow Magnet Trinket pushed by 20x clanrats w/ spears, full cmd, Poisoned wind Mortar 700 pts
  • Warlock Engineer, Lvl 1, Doom Rocket 95 pts
  • Warlock Engineer, Warp Energy Condenser, Warlock-Optics (probably drop), Warpmusket 120 pts
  • Clanrats x30 full cmd, shield, Poisoned Wind Mortar 220 pts
  • Stormvermin x20, full cmd, Banner of the UnderEmpire (fangleader has poisoned attacks), Warpfire Thrower 275 pts
  • Giant Rats x13, Packmasters x2 (3 ranks of 5) 55 pts
  • Giant Rats x14 Packmasters x1 (3 ranks of 5) 50 pts (points just kinda worked out this way, i'd rather have the 2 packmasters, maybe 1 big unit of rats?)
  • Plague Monks, full cmd 165 pts
  • Warplock Jezzail Teams x4 80 pts (i'm still mixed on these guys, rat ogres instead?)
  • Warp Lightning Cannon 90 pts
  • Doomwheel 150 pts
Total: 2000 pts

Any advice would be appreciated.

Forgotten Knight