alright so i got the battle box which contains
2 rat ogres
6 giant rats
3 packmasters
40 clanrats
20 plaguemonks

i was thinking on just using the clanrats and plaguemonks towards my list
2*20 clanrats w/ shield musician and bearer =204 pts
1*20 plaguemonks w/ musician and bearer =155 pts
i also planned on getting 40 slaves so 2*20 =80pts
and i was gonna get 1*20 stormvermin w/ storm banner =225pts
so that leaves 336 pts... i was thinking a plague furnace maybe?
ill primary be going against the empire and warriors of choas
and also if i wanted to go up over 1000 shud i get jezzails or censor bearers first?
the censor bearers are nasty but with jezzails i can take out the empires deadly overriders
all comments appreciated