Hi everybody,

I used to play these little critters a couple of years ago and felt like taking the game up again.
The guy I'm gonna play against fields dwarves and is a typical lover of fortifying his position and just keep on blasting.
Most likely he will be heavy on countering magic and field an organ gun.
Anyway hope to hear what you think of it:

27 Clanrats + Shields + SB = 129.5

27 Clanrats + Shields + SB = 129.5

Ratling Gun = 55

Doomwheel = 150

Plague Priest + Plague Censer + Shadow Magnet Trinket = 146

5 Plague Censer Bearers + Plague Chanter = 87

2 swarms = 50


I'd prefer to swap the swarms for slaves, but at the moment i lack the number of models to do so.
The suicidal priest will be with the PCB, the plan seemed stupid enough that it just might work

Thanks in advance for the advise!