Ok I have a lot of the older clanrats I have two units, one box for slaves, another box of clanrats to give my 2 units 30 clanrats instead of 20 rats. I was wondering since they just came out with new skavens and new rules. Should I get some of the new skavens or can I use the ones I've got. Any way I want to make an army of Plague. I want the Plague Furnace. So here I will list it if you can give me good tips and pointers that would be great.


Lord Skrolk


Plague Priest
Plague Furnace
upgrade to level 2

Warlock Enginer
level 2

Warlock Enginer
Level 2


the core unit I'm not sure of. because the heros and lord and the furnace take about half of a 2,000 points

I do want some Plague priest and some censerss.

I also want to use my wheel of doom I got for Xmas. I have always wanted to use a doom wheel since I heard they use to have one in the 1990's.