Okay guys i have been playing fantasy for about 5 years and with the release of a new rule book i decided id pick up a new army. Here is my list for 2000 points what do you guys think?

Skaven warlord with 100 points of items (any suggestions?)

2 Level one warlock engineers

1 Level two warlock engineer

2 units 20 clanrats with full comands spear sheilds and a mortar for each one

20 Storm vermin with full comand sheilds and a doom flayer

70 slaves with full comand spears and sheilds

20 plauge monks with full comand

12 posin wind globadiers with bombadier and a mortar

1 hell pit abomination

1 doom wheel

That adds up to just under 2000 points unfrotunatly at work and do not have the list with me.

Comments questions or suggestions please