Hello everyone. While starting to play 8th edition it has become quite clear to me that i want to run a second army. Since i am already running a small elite army in my High Elf list (still under construction) i wanted to do something a little different, hence a mass infantry/horde army or something shooty. My choices came down between Orcs, Empire and Wood Elves. However all those are now out the window after reading the Skaven codex as i love the idea of flamethrowers and ratling cannons in an army . As the thread title states i am going to go for a Clan Skryre themed list to fit the fluff of being able to field alot of weapon teams.

**Note: This is for the escalation league being run at my game store and currently the only rule to this list is that we cant take lord choices yet. However without further ado here is what ive come up with so far.**


-Warlock Engineer
*w/ Level 1 Wizard, Warp Energy Condenser

-Cheiftan BSB '
*w/ Halberd, Shield

CORE: (450pts.)

-x30 Clanrats
*w/ Full Command, Spears, Shields, Ratling Cannon

-x30 Clanrats
*w/ Full Command, Spears, Shields, Ratling Cannon

SPECIAL: (170pts.)

-x8 Warplock Jezzails
*w/ x1 Sharpshooter

TOTAL ARMY: 799pts.

With this list i wll have two nice sized blocks of infantry each lead by one of my heroes. Behind them supporting them by taking out hard to kill units, warmachines ect. will be my Jezzails and this also fits in with the start of my Clan Skryre themed army. Tell me what you think and thanks again mates!