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    700pt, Friendly vs Anyone

    Hi folks,

    My brother got his son the Battle For Skull Pass boxed set recently, and now I've been talked into joining in. Since they've only just bought the boxed set, I can't picture him buying the new rules anytime soon, so it's 7th edition all the way.

    Anyway, as of right now I can expect to face Dwarves and Goblins, though they're looking at undead and elves too (unsure which flavours). The starter army that comes in the box we figure at around 700pts once you add runes and upgrades, so that's my total.

    I've got about 50 clanrats, a dozen plague priests, the engineer, and two ratling guns (plus an overflowing bits box) in terms of models.

    Anyway, irrelevant background aside, this is what I've come up with so far;

    Warlock Engineer
    - Warp Energy Condenser
    - Level 2 Wizard
    ( 120 )

    20 Clanrats
    - Warpfire Thrower
    ( 150 )

    20 Clanrats
    - Doom-Flayer
    ( 135 )

    15 Stormvermin
    - Ratling Gun
    ( 160 )

    15 Plague Monks
    - Banner of the Under Empire
    ( 130 )

    Total :: 695

    You can probably tell, I love my weapon teams Anyway, critique and suggestions appreciated.

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    The ratling gun is bad, you can spend the points better on bulking up your plague monks/stormvermin.

    Maybe think about a BSB? It's a must-have in a skaven army i think.


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