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    Skaven ranged units

    I often go up against Bretonia, and am making an addition to the skaven battalion i got. I was thinking about jezzails because of the knights. Then again i could go with the less reliable warp lightning cannon or wind globaiders. (i basically want some ranged units)

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    Knights are usually tricky to deal with, however with the right units you will pulverize them.

    Calvary rely on staying alive by having a good save and able to dish out lots of attacks.

    We need to fight fire with fire, we want to either shoot them to pieces or beat them in combat which is usually very difficult.
    We need to minimize their maximum damage by blasting them with jezzails, warp lighting cannons, magic, weapon teams and other high strength missile weapons.

    We then need to beat/kill them in combat, to do this successfully you need to shoot them and charge with rat ogres, doomwheel, hell pit, censer bearers, poisoned wind globadiers even storm vermin(armed with shields). Storm vermin are good at winning combats because they have 3 ranks,banner(, special banner is usually good i recommend shroud of dripping death or grand banner of superiority) and a 4+ save and ward save should stop them from feeling the worst of the damage.

    If you bring there numbers down and then manage to beat them in combat try to hold and maintain your position. Good luck against Bret's and Keep Punching!

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