Hi everyone, I played Skaven in 6th and 7th edition and have made my first list for 8th. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I was going for a list that includes a lot of fun skaven inventions and is designed for friendly rather than really competitive games. The Engineer is only used for leadership in the slaves unit. He doesnt have any equipment. Thanks

Grey Seer, Dispel Scroll

Chieftain, BSB (Storm Banner), Shield
Warlock Engineer
Plague Priest, Plague Furnace, Flail, Iron Curse Icon, Level 1

35 Clanrats, Musician, Standard, Poison Wind Mortar
35 Clanrats, Musician, Standard, Poison Wind Mortar
30 Stormvermin, Musician, Standard (Razor Standard)
50 Slaves, Musician

6 Gutter Runners, Poison, Slings
37 Plague Monks, Musician, Standard (Plague Banner)

Doom Wheel
Warp-lightning Cannon
Plagueclaw Catapult
Hellpit Abomination