Warlord, Warlock-enhanced weapon, talisman of Preservation, shield 183

Joins the Storm Vermin. Hits things. Job done.

Grey Seer, Dispel Scroll, Talisman of Endurance 295.

Considering the Power Scroll (Did you say extra rats? ), but focusing on protection right now. Will probably park him out of the way in some slaves.

Engineer, Doomrocket 45

One shot wonder-rat is still here . Gives some slaves the extra ld.

Engineer, Level 2, Warp-energy condenser 120.

Mr Zappy with added rat-zappiness.

Plague Priest, Flail, Plague Furnace 254

Still stinking the place up.

Chieftain, BSB, Shield, Armour of Destiny 122

With the Clanrats. Decided on extra protection over a shiny banner.

39 Storm Vermin, Full Command, Shields, Banner of Eternal Flame 347

OH HAI MR REGENERATING GRAVE GARD. It's that or 49 Spear-Rats with no added flaminess.

30 Clanrats, Full Command, shields 155.

I would have had 29, but I was 3.5pts beneath 25% core!
2 x 30 Skavenslaves, musician 62

All the casualties, all the time. Chaff for holding stuff up or flanking. Mostly for dying.


30 Plague Monks, Full Command, Plague Banner 265

Hmm, hitty. Will operate towards the flanks - it's not like they need the general or BSB.

6 Plague Censer bearers 96

Generally go rolling around hitting stuff. Will try to support the centre rather than the Monks.

8 Gutter Runners, Slings 104

Poison is HOW much? I'll keep it cheap, thanks. The only 17pt model I take is clad in Chaos Armour.


Warp Lightning Cannon 90

Hey, it's artillery. We all need something that can't be dispelled...

2 x Doomwheels 300

Vampy not going to play nice? Alright then. The Land Rodent and the err...umm...Range Rodent(?) will show you their tricks. It's that or 1 doomwheel, 30 slaves and 90pts to throw into 'stuff'.

Total: 2500pts exactly.

Current plan: Stormvermin/Clanrat centre with slaves either side. Monks occupy whichever flank suits them most with a doomwheel on either flank (or both on the same flank for fun...though I expect they'll just zap each other to death...)