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    Warlord clan with Skyre - Moulder additions. How bad is my list?

    Hi there, skaven veterans. I recently got the chance of starting a Skaven army and couldn't pass up the chance. My general idea is a warlord clan, therefore the warlord as general
    It's slightly themed so I had some restrictions when writing it. It is a warlord clan, which managed to play out Skyre & Moulder against one another to get cheap support from both of them. Aside from that, the warlord suspects his direct subordinate ( warlord #2 ) is scheming for the warlord position of the clan ( which he probably is, they're Skaven after all ) , so he sends him on pretty much the most dangerous battlefield missions with the most volatile equipment he could find; A poxed blade as likely to kill him as his enemies ( the blade of corruption ), some patch work armour ( world's edge armour ) , and a rat ogre with a violent temper ( rat ogre bonebreaker ) .

    It might seem really silly to have 2 warlords when usually just one isn't that popular over a grey seer, but I have my in-game reasons too: The warlord on bonebreaker was at first going to be my general, but I really need his leadership boost for the rest of the army, and he can't give that effectively if he's far away from the rest, tearing up some unfortunate enemy unit. Que warlord #2 for leadership bubble.

    And secondly it gives me cool crazy conversion oppertunities for a warlitter AND rat ogre bonebreaker
    Warlord, general
    dragonhelm ( BRB item, basically for the armoursave boost )
    dawn stone ( BRB item )
    sword of might ( BRB item )
    183 pts

    world's edge armour
    blade of corruption
    the other trickster's shard ( BRB item )
    rat ogre bonebreaker
    233 pts

    Battle standard
    talisman of preservation ( BRB item )
    Enchanted shield ( BRB item )
    120 pts

    Warlock engineer
    Dispell scroll ( BRB item )
    Warplock pistol
    133 pts

    30 clanrats
    spears, shields, full command, warpfire thrower
    240 pts

    30 clanrats
    spears, shields, full command, poisoned wind mortar
    235 pts

    30 skaven slaves
    shields, musician
    77 pts

    20 stormvermin
    full command, shroud of dripping death, warpfire thrower
    265 pts


    5 rat ogres
    3 packmasters
    224 pts

    5 warplock jezzails
    xxx pts

    5 poisoned wind globadiers

    5 poisoned wind globadiers


    Warplightning cannon

    2000 pts

    Alright, what I am certain of what I want is all those characters ( suggestions appreciated though ) , those 60 clanrats and 30 slaves and the 5 rat ogres ( as I already have those models ) . The rest is not certain yet. I am going to take a hell pit abomination in 2250 pts.

    Some explanations why I take certain stuff:
    - Shroud of dripping death: str 3, no armoursaves, to every enemy in basecontact? that's huge! On a 5+ it could kill a chaos knight and you're probably in contact with 2! It is great to wound stuff with high armoursaves ( and preferrably low toughness, like empire knights )
    - BSB's equipment: The BSB is important for the army, otherwise they'lll flee and never rally again. He needs that 4+ wardsave and I tried to get his armousave as high as I could with the remaining points.
    - Warlord #2's equipment: This guy is supposed to be a killer to augment the rat ogre unit. He can kill enemy heroes by causing 1 wound with his blade and he has 4 wounds from his mount. The other trickster's shard is a really usefull item, forcing models in basecontact to reroll wardsaves. So when I'm up against a unit of daemons, phoenix guard, or just a hero/lord with wardsave, I can dramatically increase the rat ogres killing power by preventing the enemy to save wounds, and that item is just too cheap to pass up. The world's edge armour is so he won't get blown to bitz by a cannonball, or get's his skull smashed by some str 10 weapon, essentially buying him another round to kill the enemy thing off.
    Alright, now tell me how terrible the list is It's for friendly use, only slightly competitive.

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    I think your slave units are pretty small 40-50 is more usefull The skryre units are great! But not very good, not anymore... Maybe u can already put a hell pit abomination instead of the skryre units (jezzails, 1 unit of globadiers.)

    Hope this will help

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    Slightly illegal - Your BSB can't have both the talisman and enchanted shield. You still use the points for the enchanted shield that you see in WH: Skaven, which means you are 10pts over his magic items limit. Drop it for the shield that means he ignores the 1st hit on 2+.

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