This is my second Skaven army. I'm playing with a friend, who plays High Elves.
I need some help with fighting these units:

Teclis / Archmage:
Prince on dragon:
White lions:
Phoenix guards:

Which Skaven unit should I use fighting these High Elves units?

This is my army so far:

Skaven lord, tail weapon, war-litter, shield, warpstone armour, Dawnstone - 191
Grey Seer, Foul pendent, dispel scroll - 295

Chieftain, BSB, shield, banner of under empire - 97
Warlock, lvl. 2 - 100

35 clanrats, shield, music, banner - 170 (inkl. lord, chieftain)
33 clanrats - 132 (inkl. Grey Seer, Warlock)
50 slaves - 100
50 slaves - 100

5 gutter runners - 60
30 plaguemonks, banner, music, banner of dripping death - 255

2 doomwheels - 300
2 plagueclaws catapults - 200

= 2000 points

BSB: Why not Storm banner? Storm banner is great againts High Elves boltthrowers and archers. But will disturb my catapult and doomwheel to much. Gutter runners will take care of boltthrowers.
Gutter runners: Why so few? They are expensive, and 5 should be enough to stress my opponent and hopefully kill a boltthrower.
Lord: Why use point on a lord? I personally love killing elves in hand-to-hand combat (I'm a old orc-player). The lord should do the work just fine, 2+ armour save (reroll), every save will hit back on the elves.