warlord- 225- war litter, weeping blades, potion of strength, enchanted shield, 4+ward
engineer-150-lv2, doom rocket, warp condenser
engineer-140-lv2, dispel scroll, warstone chunk
chieftain-99-bsb-banner of underempire, halberd, shield
clanrats-200-25, FC, spears+shields, ratling gun
stormvermin-330-30, FC, shields, flaming attacks banner, ratling gun
slaves-254-100, FC- spears
censor bearers-352- 22
jezzails- 210- 10, sharpshooter
cannon- 90
HPA-250 upgraded

i scored a massacre last night, thought i would put it up to get people to discuss it, this is just an experimental list i made to see what would happen, and it worked lol. thanks for any comments!