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    3k skaven freindly (please help, first ever post!)

    Hi all,

    Apparently I have a 3000 point battle coming up over the christmas holiday against an old friend (he fields either ogres or dwarfs) but im also trying to build a universal list to take on allcomers really (namely high elf players!). This is what I got anyways, first ever post too! Please rip it to shreds at will. Just to note that this is fun and not intended to be overly competative.

    Lords (280pts)

    Grey seer - feedback scroll (sits in the stormvermin unit)

    heroes (493pts)

    plague priest - plague furnace, plague censor, lv.2 wizard
    Cheiftain - BSB (storm banner)
    Chieftain - weeping blade, additional hand weapon, potion of foolhardness
    warlock engineer - Death Globe (sits in Skaven slaves unit with a nasty supprise)

    Core (1015pts)

    35 clanrats - spears and shields, full command, ratling gun
    35 clanrats - spears and shields, full command, ratling gun
    28 stormvermin - shields, full command, warp fire thrower
    50 skaven slaves - full command
    15 giant rats
    15 giant rats

    Special (786pts)

    6 rat ogres - +2 packmasters, mater bred ogre
    30 plague monks - full command
    10 gutter runners - poisoned attacks, slings (may split this into two units of 5)
    5 Warplock jezzails

    Rare (390pts)

    Warp lightning Cannon

    I do believe this leaves me with an epic 26pts, what should I do with them? I feel that the Grey seer needs something more protection wise as im sure (next to the plague furnace and the doomwheels) he will be a priority target, I was also considdering a dispel scroll...

    any help with this would be much appreciated


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    Its good, yet can be improved upon :}

    Lord :

    If going for a Grey Seer on foot, give him the 4+ward talisman in the warhammer rulebook ( 45pts ). Other than that ... maybe a few warp tokens and/or the channeling staff ( rulebook ).

    Heroes :

    I'd suggest giving your BSB the Warpstone Armor and a halberd, then throw him into a large pack of clanrats. This will protect him ( hopefully ) long enough to pound an opposing unit to pudding when they walk up to say "hello". Give the Storm Banner to the stormvermin.

    I'd drop the second chieftain for an assassin instead. Pick a weapon combo you like, then throw him into the pack you think will get the most CC action.

    Plague priest on the furnace? Good. Line of plague spells? I don't really care for them. I'd change him to a level 1 wizard and give him a dispel scroll.

    My favorite combo ( and other players too ) for the warlock engineer is making him a level 1 wizard, and giving him the warp-energy condenser. Swapping spells for "warp lightning", he just makes a whole lot of mess.

    Core :

    Drop a pack of clanrats to 24 models, and add the warlock for 25 strong. Give them spears/shields, a full command, and attach the warpfire thrower.

    Drop the second pack to 29 models, and add the BSB to make 30 strong. Give them spears/shields, a full command, and the ratling gun or poisoned wind mortar.

    Drop the stormvermin to 24 models, and add the grey seer for 25 strong. Always give the pack shields, a musician, a standard bearer with the Storm Banner, and a fangleader with a tail weapon and poisoned weapons. I only add the fangleader when the pack has a squishy character, by the way.
    I usually don't attach a weapon team, since stormvermin are expensive and always a bodyguard to a character.

    Split the skavenslaves into two packs of 25 - 30 with a musician. The pawleader is useless, and makes the skavenslaves more tactically useful since HUGE packs will slow down and block your other packs.
    Never add characters to skavenslave packs, as they are meant to be used to tie up opposing units and die.

    One pack of giant rats at 18 to 20 strong, and one packmaster.

    Special :

    Since your monks will be pushing the furnace ( duh ), knock the pack up to 40 models. Due note this is the only time I ever suggest a HUGE pack. The full command is fine, but give the pack the Plague Banner.

    Drop the rat ogre pack to 4 models, only one packmaster, and have them flank the "general's" pack. This gives them a comfy LD, and they will hit the flank of the foe the "general's" pack attacks.

    At this point, I'd highly suggest a pack of plague censer bearers. Keep them within 6" of the monks/furnace, and they become a group of nasty costumers!

    You can add a pack or two of warplock jezzails if you wish.

    Rare :

    I'd go 2 doomwheels and two warp lightning cannons. If you don't have the points, 2 WLC's and one doomwheel.

    These opinions are just my two pieces of cheese
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