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    Senior Member stayscrunchyinmilk's Avatar
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    370 (x8)

    2000 point Clan Gnaw-Kill List (Friendly but not lax league, vs all comers)

    Lords 336/500
    1) Warlord, War Litter (Army General)
    + Tail Weapon, Warlock Enhanced Weapon, Enchanted Shield
    = 188 Points

    2) Warlord
    + Tail Weapon, Fencers Blades, Rival-hide Talisman
    = 148 points

    Hero 393/500
    1) Chieftan, BSB, Shield
    + Tail Weapon, War Banner
    = 105 points

    2) Warlock Engineer, L2 Mage, Warplock Pistol
    + Warp Energy Condenser
    = 128 points

    3) Plague Priest, L2 Mage, Additional Hand Weapon
    + Tail Weapon, Channelling Staff
    = 160 points

    Core 1,011 / 500 MIN
    1) Clanrats x47, Shields, Full Command
    = 231.5 points

    2) Clanrats x47, Shields, Full Command
    = 231.5 points

    3) Slaves x20, slings, Musician
    = 52 points

    4) Slaves x20, slings, Musician
    = 52 points

    5) Stormvermin x30, Shields, Full Command
    = 265 points

    6) Giant Rats x24, Packmaster x2
    = 88 points

    7) Giant Rats x25, Packmaster x2
    = 91 points

    Special 260/500
    1) Plague Monks x30 Full command
    + Banner of the Under-Empire
    = 260 points

    Now the plan is to have the two blocks of clanrats in the middle, with General and BSB in each of them, next to them would be the Stormvermin and the Plague monks with Plague Priest and Engineer in them, Then the giant rats on the flanks (for hitting sides / protecting the flanks). The slaves will be deployed 2 deep in strips right at the front to run forward and be anoying.
    I'm not quite sure where Warlord 2 will go, I was considering with the BSB, or maybe with the Stormvermin (protecting the engineer) I liked the spinetail model, and with fencers blades he's going to be hit on a 5+ only, and making the opponent re-roll successful hits could be very effective in a challenge (negating one round of hits, and he should hit first in the 2nd round anyway)

    I think it needs a little tweaking, Mostly the stormvermin need a banner (Clan Superiority? - They tend to get shot up a LOT. Discipline? - Put the general in the block that's further away. Maybe a Lichebone pennant. hmm.

    I also originally planned the giant rats as one huge unit, but it's easier to deploy two smaller ones for flanking (and hordes don't do flanking duty very well, and it exposes the other side).

    - Ideas? Thoughts?

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    I would try and get the Storm Banner on the SV, as you have very little shooting that would be adversely affected by it so would be worth the points imo.

    At 2k points I would go with a Grey Seer instead of the plague priest, possibly dropping the Engineer to level 1 as well, but I think that's personal preference more than anything.

    I would try and get some more packmasters into the GR units as well to stop them being targeted and losing your flanking units easily.

    Just my two cents,

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    I agree Lord Kritislik, a grey seer is a fantastic lord choice. It seems to me that you've sunk to many points into lords/heroes. If you rather not go magic heavy with a Grey Seer, I'd drop one of the warlords and get more rats, increase the numbers in your current list or get more units.

    My two cents.

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